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Trusty Sir Handel

Sir Handel discovers that an old bridge is in danger of collasping, so he warns the other engines at the Wharf. Then, he warns Mr. Percival. He closes the old bridge for repairs. Meanwhile, Smudger, who doesn't know about the old bridge, needs more coal. He turns on the tracks that lead to the old bridge. Haftway across Smudger runs out of steam. Then the old bridge starts to collasp. Thomas, who has seen Smudger puffing towards the viaduct, tells Sir Handel, who races to Smudger's rescue. Sir Handel pulls Smudger off the old bridge just in time. Mr. Percival is proud of Sir Handel while Smudger is sent to the sheds.


Sir Handel


Skarloey (Cameo)

Rheneas (Cameo)

Peter Sam (Cameo)

Rusty (Cameo)

Duncan (Cameo)

Freddie (Cameo)

Duke (Cameo)

Mighty-Mac (Cameo)


Mr. Percival

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