Tucker & the Bees was a Season 2 episode from Biscuit the Little Yellow Puppy. It is a reactment from the Thomas & Friends episode James Goes Buzz Buzz.

Opening Segment:

Biscuit tells how rude Tucker was the last time, but soon, says what will happen: Tucker would run away from science class! Tucker soon kicks Biscuit out of the classroom. You're not going to trick my friends, are you?


Biscuit finshes what Tucker said, until a beehive comes in. B-Toner comes in to say that IS going on.

Biscuit draws Tucker smelling a stinky, foul bone during the last time he was here. Fleao comes in as Biscuit takes HIMSELF to his doghouse. He is now ASBENT.

Tucker gets to science with his class, expect Biscuit. Mr. Kenny finds the hive that Biscuit saw, & puts it on the shelf to show the classmates. But however, Tucker goes too fast, & locks himself in the library, making the Bees fly out & chase him.

The last room the Bees chase Tucker is the lounge, where they get him, & sting his ears. The scared dog tries to let go, but the bees pull him back & make Tucker win by zooming back to the hive. The bees come out again, frusterating Tucker using a AUTOMATIC BEE-SCOOPER, running into a nearby wall, & hit a few times.

Tucker gets back to Biscuit's doghouse, while a angry Mr. Kenny shows up. Biscuit promises he would not tell THAT STORY, again.


When Tucker gets caught, there is a painting of George W. Bush on the wall.

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