(We saw the secret scene after the end credits.)

Usher: You guys have to leave!

(Zoomed out to Tuesday X and Truman X watching the part.)

Tuesday X: Wow! Truman, that was a funny movie!

Truman X: Tuesday! Do you like that movie?

(Brandon walks out of nowhere.)

Brandon: I missed the movie.

(Mrs. X walks from the left side of the screen.)

Mrs. X: Means we gonna watch the movie again.

Brandon: (holds up the remote and pushes the rewind button) I've got to rewind that movie.

Tuesday X: That was easy!

(Mr. X walks from the right side.)

Mr. X: Aw! not again!

(SpongeBob sits down.)

Mr. X: Did Brandon miss the movie?

Truman X: Yes!

(The characters from "My Life as a Teenage Robot" appeared.)

Jenny: Excuse me!

Brad: Excuse me!

Tuck: Excuse me!

Sheldon: Excuse me!

Vexas: Got out of my way!

(Characters from "Fairly Odd Parents", "Danny Phantom", and "Catscratch" appeared.)

Mr. Blik: We're gonna watch the movie!

(Characters from "Invader Zim", "Chalk Zone", and "Alvin and the Chipmunks" Appeared.)

Zim: (Attacks Simon and sits down.)

Theodore: Look what you did to Simon!

(Characters from "Rugrats", "Jimmy Neutron", and "El Tigre" appeared.)

Manny: Cool!


(The loud children hugged each other.)

(Truman X pulls Glowface and Sasquatch over.)

(The X's and SNAFU saw a Paramount logo, then fades out.)

Tuesday X and Truman X: My dad didn't like that movie.

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