Tugboatmaniacs is a Theodore Tugboat/Anamaniacs parody series.


  • Theodore - Yakko,
  • Hank - Wakko.
  • Emily - Dot.
  • Foduck - Dr. Otto Scratchansniff.
  • Rebbeca - Hello Nurse.
  • Owen - Ralph.
  • George - Thaddeus Plotz.
  • Truro - Mr. Director.
  • Phillip & Philmore - Pinky and the Brain.
  • Constance - Slappy Squirrel


  • 1. "De-Zanitized" - Foduck relates the story of how he once tried to make the three tug's less zany with psychoanalysis.
  • 2. "The Monkey Song" - In the style of Calypso music, the three tug's and Foduck sing about their tumultuous relationship.
  • 3. "H.M.S. Theodore" - The tug's trespass on Tex's beach. He tries to get them to leave. This cartoon contains parodies of songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore. Cameos by Big Mac and Sunshine from TUGS and Thomas and Emily from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.
  • 4. "Hooked on a Ceiling" - Oliver paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, nearly ruined and fixed by the three tug's who were offended by all the naked people on it.
  • 5. "What are We?" - The three tug's are hypnotized by Foduck in order to make them less zany. Foduck fails and asks them what they are, leading the three tug's to offer a number of suggestions.
  • 6. "The Big Candy Store" - After a nun is kicked out of a candy store, the three tug's give the owner of the candy store a hard time.
  • 7. "Digby the Cable Ship" - Digby the Cable Ship, the wisest vessel in the world, vows to stop answering questions after being asked too many stupid ones. However, the three tug's have a very pressing question that Digby doesn't know.
  • 8. "King Theodore" - Theodore inherits the throne of Anvilania, a small kingdom best known as the world's largest producer of anvils. This episode was based on the Marx Brothers movie, Duck Soup.
  • 9. "Hello Nice Tugboats" - While running away from Owen, the three tug's get hired by a control-obsessed comedy director for his movie, leading to a clash of comedic styles.
  • 10. "Nothing but the Tooth" - Shamus has a toothache preventing him from hypnotizing the tsar. Unfortunately, the three tug's are his dentists.
  • 11. "Hercule Theodore" - The three detective tug's go in search of Clementine's missing jewel on a cruise ship filled with "the unusual suspects". (Constance, Carla, Phillip and Philmore, Casno and Clementine). Based on the works of Agatha Christie's fictional detective Hercule Poirot.
  • 12. "Sir Theolot" - The three tug's are recruited by a medieval king to save his home from a dragon. Guest appearances by Phillip and Philmore.
  • 13. "Survey Pilot Boats" - While trying to find a birthday present at the mall, the three tug's keep running into Petra & Pearl who are asking a Survey about beans and George Wendt. Cameos by Rosie and Skarleoy from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.
  • 14. "The tug's 65th Anniversary Special" - A "live" special that highlights the anniversary of the three tug's creation, from their original roles as sidekicks to the TUGS character Top Hat through their golden age and their occasional breakouts prior to recent times. Behind the scenes, though, a mysterious adversary is plotting their demise. Guest appearances by Constance, Mavis from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig from Looney Tunes and Warrior, Zorran, and Sunshine from TUGS.
  • 15. "Star Tug" - The three tug's are beamed onto their favorite old sci-fi show, where they cause chaos to the crew and introduce the engineer to doughnuts.
  • 16. "Cutie and the Beast" - Parody of Disney's Beauty and the Beast with Emily as the heroine taken in by a beast played by Diesel from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The Fourth wall was broken almost constantly in this episode.
  • 17. "Jokahontas" - Parody of Disney animated films concentrating on Pocahontas, with Emily as the eponymous Native princess.
  • 18. "Mighty Hank at the Bat" - A parody of the poem Casey at the Bat, with the Theodore Tugboat crew as the Mudville Nine and Hank as Casey.
  • 19. "Anchors A-Tugboats" - Foduck goes on a vacation. Unfortunately for him, the three tug's tag along with him.
  • 20. "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part I)" - The three tug's write a script for a movie, which is turned down by George.
  • 21. "Hooray for North Hollywood (Part II)" - After the three tug's movie becomes a huge hit, George finds himself sinking deeper and deeper after being let go by his studio.
  • 22. "The Tugboatmaniacs Suite" - A clip show segment of "the first twenty-one episodes" of Tugboatmaniacs intended to fill out remaining time in the show's final episode, set to an orchestral arrangement of the show theme and various character themes.

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