Tugrats is a TV show about a tugboat named Ten Cents who lives in Big City Port with his father, Big Mac, his mother, Sigrid, his brother, Billy Shoepack, his locomotive friend, Puffa, his paternal grandparents, OJ and Bluenose, his aunt and uncle, Pugwash and Top Hat, his cousin, Carla, and his friends, Sunshine, Lillie, Grampus, Emily and Sally.


  • Ten Cents as Tommy Pickles
  • Sunshine as Chuckie Finster
  • Grampus as Phil DeVille
  • Emily (from Theodore Tugboat) as Lil DeVille
  • Lillie Lightship as Kimi Finster
  • Sally Seaplane as Susie Carmichael (Both have names starting with "S")
  • Carla (from Theodore Tugboat) as Angelica Pickles
  • Billy Shoepack as Dil Pickles
  • Puffa as Spike
  • Big Mac as Stu Pickles
  • Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat) as Didi Pickles
  • Top Hat as Drew Pickles
  • Pugwash (from Theodore Tugboat) as Charlotte Pickles
  • OJ as Grandpa Lou Pickles
  • Bluenose (from Theodore Tugboat) as Grandma Lulu Pickles
  • Warrior as Chas Finster
  • Pearl as Kira Finster
  • Hercules as Howard DeVille (Both have names starting with "H")
  • Constance (from Theodore Tugboat) as Betty DeVille
  • Old Rusty as Grandpa Boris Kropotkin
  • Rebecca (from Theodore Tugboat) as Grandma Minka Kropotkin
  • Frank and Eddie as Larry and Steve
  • Zorran as Timmy McNulty
  • Zebedee as Teddy McNulty
  • Zak as Terry McNulty
  • Zip as Todd McNulty
  • Zug as Ty McNulty
  • Freida (from Theodore Tugboat) as Colleen McNulty

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