Tuil Lindo (born 62 BBY) was born on Coruscant amid wealth and privilege. The Lindo family had a long association with Supreme Justice Palpatine and the boy grew up referring to the justice as 'Uncle'. The middle of five children, Lindo was often left to his own devices and grew up under the watch of his parents, various governesses and tutors as well as his extended family and benefactors.

At the age of eighteen, Lindo went to university where he earned a degree in economics and government. Expected to go to law school, Lindo ended up living a wandering life on Coruscant, going from odd job to odd job. Eventually he found his way into the Navy as a lieutenant and was on Corellia when the Amalfiel Daving crisis began. It was during that time that he began his association with Ksar Antilles.

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