Turcker is a male Jenny´s brother as Turcker call Turck say that Lennie is Jenny´s boyfriends that him not likes you Lennie keep out as ruined Jenny´s ex boyfriends past (Henry) and say Turck that Lennie help Turcker for friendship and after Turck say that Lennie likes Jenny but out couple and Jenny angry at Turck ruined Lennie life and Turck say Lennie ruined Jenny´s boyfriends (Lennie) that Lennie friendship enter Turcker say together friendship and Turck say Jenny that Lennie likes her (Jenny) and Lennie kiss Jenny friendship. In Mordecai Style that Turcker say Lennie, Jenny, Diana, Bolts and Dorita help Mordecai style model that Henry have new girlfriends (Roseline) and help Mordecai style that photo villain Marlene, Rex and until Oliver break up with Diana except until end Marlene, Rex and Oliver out home.

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