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Case File
Turnabout Memories

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations
Episode 1

Case File #20140411 State v. Wright

The First Turnabout
April 11, Courtroom No. 2
Presiding Judge: American
Charge: Murder
Victim: Doug Swallow
Cause of Death: Fatal electric shock
Murder Weapon: Electrical cable
Defendant: Phoenix Wright
Defense: Atty. Mia Fey
Defense Associate: Atty. Marvin Grossberg
Prosecutor: Atty. Winston Payne
Witness List: Phoenix Wright, Dahlia Hawthorne
Verdict: Not Guilty
Perpetrator: Dahlia Hawthorne
Case Closed: April 11, 3:15 PM


Phoenix Wright is charged with murdering Doug Swallow by pushing him into an downed electrical cable.

The Crime

Following an argument about Dahlia Hawthorne, at 2:55pm Phoenix Wright pushed Doug Swallow into an electrical pole, who then fell onto his umbrella. The force of the impact on the pole caused the electrical cable to break, causing a power outage in the Pharmacology Department building. After he departed, Dahlia pushed Doug into the electrical cable at 3:05pm. Doug died instantly.

Transcript File
Evidence List
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Defense Procedings

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