Case File
Turnabout Sisters
Trial Date(s)???
VictimMia Fey
ProsecutorAtty. Miles Edgeworth
DefendantMaya Fey
DefenseAtty. Phoenix Wright
Witness List???
VerdictNot Guilty
PerpetratorRedd White
Case Closed???

Fey & Co. Law Offices

September 5, 9:08 PM
Fey & Co. Law Offices

PhoenixUh oh, I'm late.
Huh, that's strange. The chief must have gone home already.
She said her sister was coming over so we should all go out for dinner...
What's that smell...?
Mia! (Maybe she's in her office!)

New Move: Office

EXAMINE: Nothing
PhoenixI smell blood... and that can't be good!
I have to check and see if Mia... the Chief's okay!


PhoenixThat smell... Blood!
? ? ?...
Phoenix(Someone's there!)
Chief? Chief...?
Who are you?
? ? ?...

? ? ? passes out.

Phoenix(The strange girl dropped out cold. I left her lying on the office sofa.)
(I went back to the chief where she lay under the window.)
(Her body was still warm...)
(I could feel it when I held her shoulder.)
(Then, all too quickly, it began to fade...)
(Until finally she was cold.)
EXAMINE: Mia Fey (First Time Only)
It's hard seeing her like this, but if there are any clues here...
She was struck on the head with a blunt object.
She probably died instantly
"The Thinker" lying next to her must have been the murder weapon.

The Thinker added to the Court Record

New Evidence: The Thinker

The Thinker
Type: Weapons
Retrieved at the Fey Law Office.
The murder weapon. Looks like a statue, but it's actually a clock. Made by Larry Butz.

PhoenixHmm... there are some glass shards near the chief's body.
Must be pieces of the glass light stand lying broken in the back of the room.

Glass Shards added to the Court Record

New Evidence: Glass Shards

Glass Shards
Type: Evidence
Retrieved at the Fey Law Office.
The broken remains of a glass light stan. Broken beyond all recognition.

PhoenixNothing else that seems like a clue here...
A piece of paper! It must have fallen from Mia's hand!
What could it be?
EXAMINE: Receipt (Trigger - EXAMINE: Mia Fey)
A word is written in blood on this scrap of paper!
"Maya"...? Did Mia write this?
This piece of paper is a receipt from a department store, dated yesterday.

Receipt added to the Court Record.

New Evidence: Receipt

Type: Evidence
Retrieved at the Fey Law Office.
A department store receipt with letters written in blood on the back.

(First time after speaking with Maya outside)
Phoenix(Wait a second!)
(Was Mia trying to tell us something about that girl?)
(I think I'd better shoe her this receipt.)
(I never thought there'd be a use for evidence like this outside the courtroom!)
(Every Time)
Phoenix(I think that's enough snooping around for now.)
(I'd better call the police...)
(and find out what that girl was doing here.)
EXAMINE: Mia Fey (After First Time)
PhoenixIt's painful to look... but I have to, for Mia's sake.
Looks like she was hit in the head with a blunt weapon.
She probably died instantly.
PhoenixThere's a large building right across from the office.
The "Gatewater Hotel." A nice, luxurious place.
EXAMINE: The Thinker
PhoenixIt's encrusted with dried blood.
How ironic that this became the murder weapon... again.
EXAMINE: Glass Shards
PhoenixSome shards of glass are scattered on the floor.
They seem to be the remains of a glass light stand.
PhoenixThe chief's chair.
A simple, funcitonal design. Feels pretty good to sit in, too.
EXAMINE: Ledger Book
PhoenixThe Fey & Co. ledger book.
Everything is written in the chief's ultra-neat handwriting.
It's a small office, but it makes a good bit of money.
EXAMINE: Computer
PhoenixSurprisingly, the chief was never good with machines.
About all she used this PC for was e-mail.
She picked up this ancient model at some garage sale for practically nothing.
EXAMINE: Cabinet
PhoenixAll the chief's important documents are packed in here.
This is where she filed her case records and recent rulings.
EXAMINE: Phone (First Time Only)
PhoenixRight! I'd better call the police!
That's funny...
A few of the screws on the receiver are missing...
It looks like someone was halfway through taking it apart.
? ? ?Police!?
Please, come quick!
Phoenix(Wh-what was that!?)
(Someone screaming form outside the window!?)
She's staring right at me!
She's holding a phone in her hand...
EXAMINE: Phone (After First Time)
PhoenixThe phone receiver is missing a few screws.
I'd better not use it.

Fey & Co. Law Offices

(That girl just now... where'd she go!?)
(I put her right there on that sofa...!)
(Uh oh... I hope she didn't run on me.)

? ? ? appears.

(Don't scare me like that...)
Excuse me but, who are you?
PhoenixIt's okay. I work here.
Maya Fey.
PhoenixMaya... Fey?
(Trigger: Enter First Time with Receipt)
(So Mia was writing this girl's name!)
(Maybe I should show her the receipt?)
(I never thought there'd be a use for evidence like this outside the courtroom!)
TALK: Maya Fey - What happened
Phoenix(She seems to be in shock. I don't want to disturb her, but I have to know...)
Um... excuse me?
Can you tell me what happened?
I came in... The room was dark.
And Sis... Sis...!
Phoenix(So she was already dead.)
TALK: Maya Fey - You and the Chief
PhoenixSo, you're the chief's...?
MayaSister. I'm her younger sister.
PhoenixAnd you were here... visiting? This late at night?
MayaYes. She said she wanted me to keep some evidence for her.
MayaYes... I-it was that clock...
It was "The Thinker."
PRESENT: The Thinker
PhoenixUm, about "The Thinker"...
The Th-Thinker...
That was... Oh, Sis! *sob*
Phoenix(Hmm, probably shouldn't have asked her about the murder weapon...)
PRESENT: Glass Shards
PhoenixThis was lying next to the chief.
MayaI know. I saw it there too.
I thought they might be pieces of the light stand.
PhoenixHmm. Maybe.
(Never heard of a glass light stand before...)
PRESENT: Receipt
PhoenixBefore Mia died, she wrote a message with her own blood.
She wrote it on the back of this receipt.
Th-th-that's MY name!
W-why!? Why would she write my name?
PhoenixPlease, just calm down.
MayaW-why would Sis write my name?
Phoenix(Uh-oh. Now I've done it...)
(blank)*whee-ooo* *whee-ooo* *whee-ooo* *whee-ooo*
The police! (Sounds like they're coming this way!)
(blank)Freeze! Police!
GumshoeAlright, I'm Detective Dick Gumshoe, see?
Phoenix(Gumshoe...? What an odd name.)
GumshoeWe received a report from the building across the way, see.
Got a person saying they saw a murder.
Phoenix(It must have been that woman I saw.)
GumshoeAnyway, I don't want either of you moving one inch, 'kay?
Phoenix(Great. Just great.)
(Maya... Wait, she wouldn't have... nah.)
Scuze me!
GumshoeThis word "Maya" here mean anything to you?
Um... that...
That's my name...
The victim drew this here note in her own blood, see?
With her dying breath, she wrote down the killer's name!
MayaK-killer? I'm not...
GumshoeCase closed! You're coming down to the precinct, ma'am.

Fade to black.

PhoenixMia's younger sister, Maya, was arrested on the spot.
I was taken in for questioning and didn't get out until the next morning.
My eyes were heavy... but I couldn't sleep.
I sat around, waiting for visiting hours to begin at the detention center.
I had to talk to Maya as soon as possible.

Detention Center

September 6, 9:07 AM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Phoenix(Wow, they have poor Maya locked up like a criminal.)
It's you! The lawyer...
G-good morning.
PhoenixGood morning!
(She looks so tired...)
Are you going to be my attorney?
PhoenixWell, that's what I wanted to talk to you about...
  • It's up to you
  • Of course I will
  • Sorry, not a chance

ANSWER 1: It's up to you

ANSWER 1: Of course I will

ANSWER 1: Sorry, not a chance

Phoenix(Maybe if I joke a bit she'll cheer up...)
Hah hah! No way, Jose!
Just kidding...
Phoenix(Eh heh. Whoops. That didn't go so well.)
Was that a... chuckle?
It wasn't very believable, was it?
Phoenix(Not really...)
MayaI-I'm sorry!
I just thought, since you'd made a joke...
Please, don't mind me! You're doing just fine!
Phoenix(Who's trying to cheer up who here!?)
I knew it.
No one will believe me.
MayaEven you--when you found me in the office. You looked at me like I had done it!
Phoenix(Did I look at her like that?)
No, no! I never thought...
MiaI-it's okay. I understand.
And... I've also heard about you.
PhoenixHeard...? Heard what about me?
MayaI... was talking to my sister on the phone the other day...
Mia"Today was my junior partner's first time in court."
MayaWow! Really? How'd that go?
Mia"It was quite the scene!"
"Honestly, I was on edge the whole time. It's been a while..."
MayaHah! So, he crashed and burned?
Mia"...He's a genius."
"One of those 'strike fear into the hearts of evil' types..."
"The only thing he's lacking is... experience."
MayaHuh, sounds like it was fun!
Well, I know who to go to if I ever get into trouble now!
Mia"I don't know, Maya."
"I think you might want to wait... give him three more years."
"That is, unless you want to be found guilty."
MayaThat's what she said!
MayaI-I'm sorry!
I didn't mean to trouble you...
PhoenixNo, it's okay. It's true, I guess.
But... at the same time, I can't just sit and watch!
When I think of the person who did this to Mia...
I know...

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