Case File
Turnabout Sisters
Trial Date(s)???
VictimMia Fey
ProsecutorAtty. Miles Edgeworth
DefendantMaya Fey
DefenseAtty. Phoenix Wright
Witness List???
VerdictNot Guilty
PerpetratorRedd White
Case Closed???

CellularBrrring... Brrrrring...
? ? ?Hello? This is Maya.
MiaHey Maya, it's me.
? ? ?Mia! What's up? You haven't called in a while.
MiaSorry, I've been so busy. How you been?
? ? ?Well, LONELY. And it's all YOUR fault.
Nah, I'm just teasing.
I've been great! I'm finally getting used to having my own place.
MiaThat's good to hear.
Actually, I'm calling because I have a favor to ask.
? ? ?I know, I know. You want me to hold evidence for you?
MiaSharp as always!
There's a lot of buzz about the upcoming trial...
I just don't feel safe keeping the evidence here.
? ? ?I gotcha. So, what is it this time?
MiaIt's... a clock.
? ? ?A clock?
MiaYeah, it's made to look like that statue, "The Thinker." And it tells you the time!
I thought you might like it. You always liked toys.
? ? ?Hey! I'm not a little girl anymore, Sis!
MiaNow, now. You know I'm only teasing.
Ah, I should probably tell you, the clock isn't talking right now.
? ? ?Huh? It's not working? That's lame!
MiaI had to take the clockwork out. Sorry.
I put some papers inside it instead.
? ? ?Papers? Is taht the evidence, then?
Hmm, well... there's a possibility that it might turn out that way, yes.
MiaCan you come by the office tonight, say 9:00, to pick it up?
I'll be in a pretrial meeting until then.
? ? ?Okay, Sis, but I expect dinner! Something good!
Like... burgers! I could really go for a good burger.
MiaOkay, okay. We'll hit the usual joint.
? ? ?Alright! It's a deal!
Okay, Sis, see you soon!
MiaYep. I'll be waiting, Maya.
[Conversation recorded. September 5, 9:27 AM]

Septermber 5, 8:57 PM
Fey & Co. Law Offices

? ? ?Now, Miss Fey, I'll take what's mine... the papers.
MiaI'm sorry, but I can't give you what I don't have.
? ? ?Miss Fey, you are a poor liar.
Why, I see it right over there...
That must be "The Thinker" that swallowed those papers.
MiaHow could you know...?
? ? ?Ho hoh. You are not cogniferous of my background?
Gathering information is my business, you see.
MiaI... I should have been more careful.
? ? ?Ho hoh.
My dear Miss Fey... I am so very sorry.
But I am afraid I must ask you for one more thing.
Your eternal silence... Farewell, Miss Fey.

Mia Fey is struck down with the statue.

Red... White... Blue...

Initial Evidence

Attorney's Badge
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
No one would believe I was a defense attorney if I didn't carry this.

Initial Profiles

Mia Fey
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Chief Attorney at Fey & Co. My boss, and a very good defense attorney.

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