Tut IV of Greece and Ireland
Reign 1st Reign: August 12, 1715-April 30, 1720

2nd Reign: May 4, 1732-August 8, 1749

Coronation 1st: May 1, 1716

2nd: May 1, 1733

Full name Tutankhamen Manton IV
Titles King of Greece (1669-1689), Prince of Greece (1655-1669)
Born January 7, 1651
Athens, Greece
Died August 8, 1749 (Age 98)
The Irish Council
Buried The Irish Kingdom
Predecessor Jack I and Thomas I
Successor Thomas II
Consort to Elizabeth of Greece (1677-1717)

Grace of Ireland (1718-1731)

Victoria of Ireland (1731-1743)

Anne of Greece (1744-1749)

Issue Tut, Prince of Athens

More Coming Soon

Royal House Tutor (1669-1689) Federal (1715-1749)
Dynasty Tutorian and Federalian
Royal motto Let's All Save The King! (1669-1689)

All Hail Tut IV! (1715-1720, 1732-1749)

Father Tut III of Greece (1622-1697)
Mother Catherine of Denmark (1619-1712)

Tut IV (Born Tutankhamen Manton IV, January 7, 1651 (O.S. December 28, 1650)-August 8, 1749 (O.S. July 28)) was known as the second and fourth King of Ireland from 1715 to 1720 and from 1732 to his death in 1749. He was the first king to have multiple reigns, and lived to be 98 years, 7 months and 1 day, one of the longest lived of the monarchs. He was King of Greece from 1669 to 1689. He first married in 1677 to Elizabeth of Greece, who was his consort from 1677 to 1689 and 1715 to her death in 1717. His oldest son, Prince Tut (1678-1758) could not take the throne in 1689 because he was only 11 and that he was already crowned Emperor of Ireland until he resigned in 1699.

Early Life

In 1651, Tutankhamen Manton IV was born to Catherine of Denmark. His father, currently reigning as King of Greece, adored him. In 1655, Tut was crowned Prince of Greece and was heir to the throne. He began speaking English at age 7.

King of Greece

In January 7, 1669 (December 28, 1668 in old style) Tut IV turned 18 and that his father announced his reign would end later in the year. In March 15, 1669( March 4, 1668 old style), he entered the throne. He was crowned in May 10, 1670. He married in 1677 to Elizabeth of Greece (1654-1717). More Info Coming soon!


In 1749, Tut was in the prime minister's office when Ireland's most infamous murderers, Mass & Acre, came in the office. They were looking for the prime minister, but they changed their minds and decided to kill Tut instead. Tut and Mass had jumped out of window, with Mass holding a sword to kill him with. Servant Thomas II (1700-1784) had spit out his champagne when he witnessed. King Tut drowned in the river near the drawbridge. Mass had died too. Thomas then discovered he would become king of Greece-Ireland.

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