"1 Ticket to the Cafe," you say.

"Here's your ticket. Have a nice day."

You recieved a Ticket.

You head up the stairs to the Cafe.

Wow! you think, It's an entire level of the building!

You walk into a high-tech cafe. All of the tables are screens, which allow the customers to check their email, watch videos, and do all sorts of stuff. The lights can be ajusted over every spot in the cafe. There are no chairs, there are ergostools to sit on.

You take a seat and it is amazingly comfortable. "Wow!" you say out loud. About ten people look at you like your crazy, but you don't care.

The table in front of you lights up. It says, "what would you like to select from our menu?"

What do you do?

Health 100% You have: Clothes, Ticket
MP 0
Level 1

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