"1 Ticket to the Museum," you say.

"Here is your ticket. Have a nice day."

You recieved a Ticket.

You go down to the basement to the Museum. You take the elevator.

Stepping out, you are shocked by the enormous room, filled with AdventureWiki history.

You walk up to a platform in front of the largest exhibit, in the middle of the room. It is a large AdventureWiki logo.

There are about 50 platforms in a circle around the exhibit. Everyone around you is using the point and click interface.

What are they doing? you think.

A sound comes from the platform, seeming like it read your mind.

"Welcome to the AdventureWiki Museum," says a computer female voice, "What would you like to do?"

What do you do?

Health 100% You have: Clothes, Ticket
MP 0
Level 1

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