Tuxedo - Mt.Ivy Trail

Tuxedo Mt.Ivy (new)

Name: Tuxedo - Mt.Ivy Trail
Blaze: Red dash on white
Distance: 8.2 miles
Notable areas: Claudius Smith Rock, Sebago Dam, Fireplace
Termini 1: Ramapo - Dunderberg Trail
Termini 2: End at power station

Trail description

Mileposts 0.0 - 1.55

The Tuxedo - Mt.Ivy Trail begins at the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail, 1.15 miles from the Tuxedo train stations. Both trails are blazed red on white, but the T-MI Trail is red dash, where R-D is a red dot. At the milepost .35, the T-MI trail climbs Claudius Smith Rock. On the way up the mountain, the Blue Disc Trail crosses from the left. The Blue Disc Trail continues in another direction, as the T-MI trail goes another 125 feet to a junction with the White Cross Trail. At .7 of a mile, the trail makes a horseshoe shaped curve in a swamp. In .4 of a mile, the road forks, the right brings you to the Blue Disc Trail where it meets at the gas pipleline. To the left, the trail continues steeply down towards Old Johnsontown Road. The trail continues down a low ridge and at milepost 1.55, meets up with the White Bar Trail.1

  1. The White Bar Trail used to end here but now continue on together.

Mileposts 1.56 - 3.35

After meeting up with the White Bar Trail, the two trails follow the Old Sloatsburg Trail. At milepost 1.65, the T-MI Trail leaves the road and climbs up a ridge. The woods road and the White Bar Trail move on to meet up Seven Lakes Drive. The T-MI trail crosses over the ridge and comes to Lake Sebago and a paved road for some camping administrations. The trail then follows the southwest side of the lake. At 2.4 miles, the T-MI trail comes to Sebago Dam on Seven Lakes Drive. Crossing the dam, the trail descends to brook level and meets up with the terminus of the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago Trail, a white-blazed trail. The T-MI trail moves right onto a wide woods road that runs along Stony Brook, where the H-T-S trail goes up Diamond Mountain. At 2.8 miles, the T-MI trail crosses Diamond Creek. The ridgetop where the Seven Hills Trail is located is at 3.35 miles.

Mileposts 3.36 - 6.0

After crossing the Seven Hills Trail, the Tuxedo - Mt. Ivy trail continues and crosses old Woodtown Road at 3.55 miles and reaches Pine Meadow Road West at 4.3 miles. The opposite of this road, Pine Meadow Road East, is crossed at 5.1 miles. Continuing on, the T-MI trail meets up with the terminus of the Breakneck Mountain Trail (white blaze) at 5.15 miles. Shortly after the Breakneck Mountain Trail begins, the T-MI trail joins an ancient road that crosses the northern end of Big Green Swamp. At 6 miles, the trail junctions with Woodtown Road.

Mileposts 6.1 - 8.2

The T-MI trail continues to move across a brook that connects Big Green Swamp to Squirrel Swamp. About .05 of a mile from the bridge, the trail turns left on the old Two Bridges Road. The trail and road go through a levelled, swampy area, reaching The Fireplace at 6.65 miles with the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail. After going gradually downhill, the Red Arrow Trail's start is reached at 7.25 miles. Afterwards, the trail turns off Two Bridges Road and descends steeply. At 7.8 miles, the trail reaches a power line and in another quarter of a mile, the trail turns left on a dirt road to a power station and ends nearby at 8.2 miles.


The plans for the T-MI trail was drawn up by Major Welch, Harriman Park's first manager. He persuaded the Tuxedo Park Association to let them blaze a path in 1923, and gave workers copper blazes to add. The route back in 1923 was the same as today, but the Blue Disc and White Cross Trails did not exist back then. The NY-NJ Trail Conference did not acquire Claudius Smith Rock untl 1951. The road past Lake Sebago was so bad and muddy that the trail was relocated in 1935 up Diamond Mountain.


Myles, William J., Harriman Trails, A Guide and History, The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, New York, N.Y., 1999

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