Tuxedo Pirate is a 2008 American animated television series created by Lincar (Hinata of the Felines, Cappy and Rocky Rhodes franchise). Although, the new episodes were in post-production in 2009, it began making more episodes in 2010. This series stars Will Smith as Henry (and Tuxedo Pirate). The series started in 2007 in it's main pilot; Tuxedo Pirate, which aired in the series finale of The Danny Christian Show making it the last short to appear in the Danny Christian Show and one of the present shorts that were greenlited into series. The pilot was made up of 5 1 minute webisodes.


Henry was kidnapped by pirates as a baby. He worked as a powder monkey in the ships of his captain; Red Ron and his parrot. Henry was chosen with the golden band to be the new Tuxedo Pirate. Red Ron sends Henry to stay in Earth in the morning but in his ships at night. He works in The Daily Shrew as the mild-mannered janitor in the main office of The Daily Shrew (it was the only job he was qualified for apparently) to be undercover from crooks and criminals. Tuxedo Pirate's plan goal is to find a treasure to the Spanish Mane so that he could find the treasure and discover Red Ron's two brothers; Blue Bob and Barnacle Paul (formerly Purple Paul)in order to earn his freedom. He cannot even tell his secret identity as Sergent Takenotes (known as Serge by Henry) the creator and main writer of The Daily Shrew, Rosemary the Telephone Operator (who has a crush on Henry) a teenaged nearsighted telephone operator, Red Ron or even Secretary Sebastien (speaks with a monotone) the secretary who like Serge hates Henry. With his butler, Archie the Wise One, he must find the treasure to wish for his great-uncle to be found so his freedom to come true.


  • Will Smith - Henry/Tuxedo Pirate: The orphaned 17-year old man. He was kidnapped when he was born by Red Ron. He was raised as a powder monkey by his captain. He was 17-years old and he was grant permission by the captain to come to Earth at morning. In, The Daily Shrew, he works as a mild-mannered janitor. When bad things happen, he transformed into Tuxedo Pirate.
  • Darran Norris - Red Ron/Serge/Blue Bob/Purple Paul
  • Grey DeLisle - Rosemary; a teenaged telephone operator who wears eyeglasses. He has a crush on Henry. He refers to Henry as Penry or Pen.
  • Ian James Cortlett - Archie; Henry's butler who works with the Superhero Corporation who serves as Henry's guidence. He is actually Henry's great-uncle, Leroy in disguise.
  • Tom Kenny - Parrots/Sebastien
  • Henry Winkler - Leroy/Zoot Suit Pirate; Henry's great-uncle who was long lost and was unable to be found. He disguised himself as Archie, Henry's butler. He was the original superhero pirate, Zoot Suit Pirate.


A crossover between Tuxedo Pirate and Hothead Goes to Jen Gu Island is set to be announced.

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