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Thomas from [Thomas and Friends] as Rayman [Thomas and Rayman are both the main stars and the main heroes]

Edward from [Thomas and Friends] as Globox [Edward and Globox are both blue and good friends with Thomas and Rayman]

Captain Kiddie from [Tom and Jerry] as The Magican

Tom from [Tom and Jerry] as Murfy

Molly from [Thomas and Friends] as Uglette [Molly and Uglette are both wifes to Edward and Globox and good friends with Thomas and Rayman]

Diesel 10 from [Thomas and Friends] as Mr. Dark [Diesel 10 is a real villain in Thomas and the Magic Railroad and Thomas's main antagonist, just like Mr. Dark as Rayman's main antagonist]

Alfred from [Casey Jr. and Friends] as Clark

Emily [from Thomas and Friends] as Ly The Fairy [Emily and Ly The Fairy are both serious and kind to Thomas and Rayman]

Percy, Tom Jerry, Toots, Ivor [from Thomas and Friends and Casey Jr and Friends] as Globox's kiddies

Gordon [from Thomas and Friends] as the Photographer [Gordon and The Photographer like to take photos of Thomas and Rayman]

Toby [from Thomas and Friends] as Tarayzan

Diesel 10 [from Thomas and Friends] as Reflux the Knaaren

Sixteen [from Thomas and Friends] as Dark Rayman [Sixteen and Dark Rayman are both evil and love to cause trouble and kill Thomas and Rayman]

Sir Topham Hatt The Fat Controller [from Thomas and Friends] as Polokus

Diesel [from Thomas and Friends] as Admiral Razorbeard [Diesel and Admiral Razorbeard are both the main villains and Thomas and Rayman's true antagonists]

and more

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