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A Cartoon Christmas Carol

  • Mr. Grumpy (Mr Men) as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Mr. Stubborn (Mr Men) as Jacob Marley
  • Cruella (101 Dalmatians) as Belle
  • Barney (from The Flintstones) as Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Mr. Funny (Mr Men) as Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Little Jerry (Sesame Street) as Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Kramer and George (Seinfeld) as Charity Gentlemen

Setoome Street

  • Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) - Big Bird
  • Mr. Tall (Mr Men) - Mr. Snuffleupagus
  • Peter Sam (Thomas & Friends) - Elmo
  • Howie (Almost Naked Animals) - Ernie
  • Mr. Rude (Mr Men) - Bert
  • Patrick (SpongeBob) - Cookie Monster
  • Mr. Forgetful (Mr Men) - Grover
  • Severus Snape (Harry Potter) - Oscar the Grouch

Tooner's Races

  • Fred Flintstone (Flintstones)-Peter Perfect
  • Patrick (SpongeBob) - Ruffus Ruffcut
  • Mr. Happy as Sawtooth
  • Mr. Rogers (from Mr Rogers Neighbourhood) as Private Meekly
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz as Sgt Blast
  • Various yellow characters and Rankin Bass villiains as Anthill Mob (Nestor is Clyde, Mr. Bounce is Mac, Winter Warlock is Ring-A-Ding, Candace Flynn is Danny, Mr. Funny is Rug Bug Benny, Kirby is Kirby and Ferb is Willy)
  • Mr. Bump of Mr Men as Pat Pending
  • Squidward and Tom as Penelope Pitstop
  • Codey and Trendyboy as Rock and Gravel Slag
  • Shnitzel and Mung as Big and Little Gruesome
  • Mr. Clumsy (Mr Men) as Red Max
  • Jimmy and Beezy as Luke and Blubber
  • Darkrai as Dick Dastardly
  • Catbert as Muttley

The Great Cartoon Christmas Carol

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