Tweenies logo.JPG
Created by Will Brenton
Iain Lauchlan
Developed by Tell-Tale Productions for BBC Worldwide
Starring Sally Preisig
Justin Fletcher
Bob Golding
Colleen Daley
Emma Weaver
Opening theme "Are You Ready to Play?"
Ending theme "Are You Ready to Play?" (instrumental)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 390 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Judy Whitfield
Clare Elstow
Producer(s) Kay Benbow
Robin Carr
Iain Lauchlan
Will Brenton
Karl Woolley
Camera setup Davy Johnson
Running time 18–20 minutes
Production company(s) Tell-Tale Productions
Classic Media
Distributor BBC
Entertainment Rights
Original network BBC
Picture format 16:9
Audio format Stereo
Original release 6 September 1999 (1999-09-06) – 24 July 2002 (2002-07-24)
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Tweenies is a British live action children's television programme, originally broadcast on the BBC's CBBC programming block. The series first aired on 6 September 1999 and finished on 24 July 2002. When CBeebies was launched on 11 February 2002, it became the new children's programming block for Tweenies to be shown on .

Overview and history

The idea for the programme came from Iain Lauchlan and Will Brenton, a pair with a track record of being involved in BBC children's programming. Together with Karl Woolley and Helen Cadwallader they set up Tell-Tale Productions at Elstree Film Studios in Hertfordshire. Iain Lauchlan was a presenter on Play School, Fingermouse and Playdays, meeting Brenton, a director, writer and also a presenter, during the latter. Together they started producing two of the Playdays strands before forming their own production companies Tell-Tale Productions and, more recently, Wish Films. They also created The Fun Song Factory, Boo!, BB3B, Jim Jam and Sunny, Basil Hair The Squirrel and Entertainment Right's The Magical Lives of Toys.

Tweenies is a production of Tell-Tale Productions in association with the BBC. Animation for the show was produced by A Productions, an animation studio based in Bristol, England, with Ealing Animation providing some animation in a few early episodes. Computer animation for the series was provided by Clockwork Digital, with Ben Mars animating Mungo, the computer creature who appears in some later episodes.

The characters are well developed and children are able to predict what their responses might be. The mixture of story, song and creative activity provides excellent opportunities for children to learn through play. Music plays an important part in the programme and children are encouraged to join in with songs and actions.

The programme is set in a nursery attended by the four Tweenies themselves: Bella, Milo, Fizz and the youngest, Jake. They are in the care of two adults, Max and Judy, and two dogs – Doodles & Izzles.

The show includes a "Tweenie Clock", with five circular lights arranged in a pentagonal shape with the lights denoting "News Time" (Circle Time in United States) – Orange, "Messy Time" – Blue, "Song Time" – Yellow, "Telly Time" (Video Time in United States) – Green and "Story Time" – Red. "Surprise Time" is a special time determined when all five lights glow. A button at the centre of the clock (Purple) is pressed to select the activity that will be undertaken next.

It was formerly shown on CBeebies, from 11 February 2002 until 1 April 2016. Like a number of other CBeebies programmes, a live stage version of the show has toured in the UK. The most recent tour, Top of the Tots, toured the British Isles during 2009, the series' 10th anniversary. In addition, the tour also played several shows in Hong Kong in late September and early October 2009. The Tweenies were also regulars on the annual CBeebies Live tours around the British Isles. Between 2003 and 2005, there was also a Tweenies theme park, at Alton Towers in the Cred Street section aimed at younger children, which replaced the Barney section and then was removed in favour of Bob the Builder. In 2000, Tweenies won two awards: Best PreSchool Educational Program and Best Live Action PreSchool Programme.

The original prototypes for the Tweenies characters were designed by Sally Preisig of Mimics Productions; they were later re-scaled into two sizes for the characters shown on the series. In addition, Preisig also designed the character costumes and was co-constructor/developer for the Tweenies' full-size puppets. The costume fabric comes from the UK and was imported and dyed into their present colours; it is about the same thickness as fleece jumpers.


The Tweenies consist of Bella, Milo, Fizz, Jake, Doodles, Izzles, Max, Judy, and are sometimes joined by Max's sister Polly. Other characters have appeared occasionally, including Milo's uncle, Mickey, his father, Jake's mother, Fizz's mother and father and Bella's grandmother. There have also been several animated characters.

The four main characters appeared in the first episode Tweenie Band, which was filmed in 1998 at Elstree Studios & aired on 6 September in 1999.

The Tweenies were played by only one set of actors, while the voices were provided by other actors. Unless otherwise indicated, all the following actors and voice talent were in the show from 1999 until its last episode, What Makes Summer? in July 2002.


Original UK cast
Character Description Actor Voice/animatronics
The Tweenies
Bella Blue-skinned with yellow hair which is usually accompanied with a red hair ribbon. She has a very bossy attitude and likes her own way. Sometimes she causes things to go wrong – the oldest and the tallest Tweenie[1] She is five years old. Tamsin Heatley (1999-2000)
Esther Collins (2000–02)
Sally Preisig (1999–2000)
Emma Weaver (2000–02)
Fizz Yellow-skinned with red (later more brown) hair which has beads hanging from it. She is sweet, but sometimes shy and can sometimes get whiny and stroppy for the smallest reasons. Fizz's best friend is Bella. She loves doing ballet, dressing up as a princess and playing with the dolls. She is four years old. Jenny Hutchinson (1999–2000)
Angela Reynolds (2000)
Francesca Anderson (2001–02)
Colleen Daley
Jake Oranged-skinned with a yellow mohican – the youngest and the shortest Tweenie. Jake sometimes shows signs of being homesick. He often gets words mixed up. Jake's best friend is Milo. He is three years old. Samantha Dodd (1999–2002) Justin Fletcher
Milo Purple-skinned with black hair. He is energetic, but friendly and cheerful. He is four years old. C.H. Beck
Kate Ryan
Bob Golding
The Adults
Judy Pale green-skinned with purple hair, originated from Ireland. Simon Grover Sinead Rushe
Max Dark pink-skinned with white hair, Bob Golding
The Dogs
Doodles A red and yellow male dog. Alan Riley Justin Fletcher
Izzles A purple and cream female dog, who was first introduced to the Tweenies in 2001, as Doodles' new friend. Fiona Watkins Colleen Daley


The Tweenies aired its first episode Tweenie Band on 6 September 1999 on its original programme block CBBC and last aired on 24 July 2002 with What Makes Summer? on its former channel CBeebies. In total, there are 390 episodes. There have been special episodes, such as a series of Be Safe With The Tweenies and expanded 40 minute episodes.

Episode 252, Favourite Songs, which first aired in March 2001 was banned by the BBC in January 2013 after the corporation received 216 complaints about a scene where Max appears dressed as disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile. The episode had been repeated on the CBeebies channel.[2]



Data from

Title Entered chart (UK) Peak position (UK) Weeks on chart (UK)
Friends Forever 25 November 2000 56 4
The Christmas Album 1 December 2001 34 5
Everybody Dance -- -- --
Greatest Hits
(double CD)
-- -- --


Data from

Title Entered chart (UK) Peak position (UK) Weeks on chart (UK) Sent to CBeebies Album
"No. 1" 11 November 2000 5 23 Yes
"Best Friends Forever" 31 March 2001 12 10 Yes
"Do the Lollipop" 4 August 2001 17 8 No
"I Believe in Christmas" 15 December 2001 9 6 No
"Have Fun, Go Mad" 14 September 2002 20 7 Yes



  • CBBC (UK) – 6 September 1999 – 10 February 2002
  • CBeebies (UK) – 11 February 2002 – 1 April 2016
  • BBC2 (UK) – 1999 – 2009
  • Noggin (United States) – 7 April 2003 – 27 September 2009
  • Nick Jr. (United States) – 28 September 2009 – 31 December 2010
  • ABC (Australia) – 4 July 2000 – 27 June 2003
  • TV Asahi (Japan) – 2000 – 2007
  • Boomerang (Thailand) – 2002 – 2005
  • Russia1 (Russia) – 2002 – 2004


DVDs and videos

These were released by BBC Worldwide and some various DVDs are still available in retailers.

  • Are you ready to play? (1999 VHS, also for PC-CDROM)
  • Song Time! (1999, VHS)
  • Merry Tweenie Christmas (2000, first DVD)
  • Party Games, Laughs & Giggles (2001)
  • Song Time is Fab-a-Rooney (2001 VHS)
  • The Enchanted Toyshop (2002 VHS)
  • Song Time 2 (2000)
  • Songs & Surprises (2001)
  • Tweenies Live! (2000)
  • Animal Friends (1999)
  • Colours are Magic (2000)
  • It's Messy Time (2001, also for PC-CDROM)
  • Everybody Panto (2001)
  • Doodles' New Friend (2002)

  • Tweenies Live!: The Christmas Present (2002)
  • Night-Time Magic (2002)
  • Animal Friends/Party Games, Laughs & Giggles (2002 DVD)
  • Music is Pop-a-Rooney! (2001 TOTPS)
  • Let's Play (2003 VHS)
  • Jungle Adventure (2004)
  • Let's All Make Music (2004)
  • Fizz! (2005, final VHS)
  • It's Christmas (2005)
  • Song Time: The Complete Collection (2006)
  • The Ultimate Christmas Collection (2006)
  • Messy Time Magic (2008)
  • Practical Jokes (2009)

Many of the above videos have also been dubbed into other languages. In addition, several of the Tweenies videos were produced in special versions for retailers with additional footage (for example, the "Party Games, Laughs & Giggles" video distributed at Marks & Spencer stores carried two additional segments, adding ten minutes to the video's running time). Many of the above videos were also released as DVDs under different names. iTunes has released a Best of Tweenies volume 1 which consists of the first six episodes of the series.Template:Citation needed


From 1999 until 2006, various books were released from Tweenies, based on the episodes that were mostly aired. There were also annuals that were released from 2001–2006 and other books, based on each character from Tweenies.

Toys and games

From the late 90s into the early 2000s, the Tweenies were one of the most popular set of children's TV characters at the time, which led to a wide range merchandise being sold. Many toys were sold in various retailers, such as Toys "R" Us, Argos, & Woolworths. Merchandise included soft toys, playsets, collectible figures, board games, jigsaws and puzzles, talking toys, the video games Tweenies: Doodles' Bones and Tweenies: Game Time, and many other products.

Kiddie rides

Two kiddie rides were made by Amutec. They created a Tweenie rocket ride in 2001 and a Doodles ride in 2006.


Year Award Category Outcome
2000 BAFTA Children's Awards[3] "Best Pre-School Live Action" Template:Won
2002 BAFTA Children's Awards "Best Pre-School Live Action" Template:Nom


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