Here is the Tweety Gets Grounded episode on Go Animate! this one is called Tweety Writes Mean Things To Granny & Gets Grounded. It's a parody to the episode from Harvey Breaks called "Anti-Valentine's Day."

Tweety Says Mean Things To Granny and Gets Grounded

(The episodes starts with Tweety walking to his Granny, and talks to her)

Tweety: Hi Granny! I have a card that I would like to give to you.

(Granny thanks Tweety kindly.)

Granny: Thank you My Dear. 

(Tweety gives her a card that he made for her. Granny reads it, and becomes completely horrified with all of the mean stuff that Tweety wrote on his card.)

(Tweety's Dad walks to Granny)

Diesel: Hey Granny, do you know where my wallet is? I have to get something for Amy for Valentine's Day, and I..I...I...

(Diesel stopped talking, and becomes shocked.)

Diesel: What's wrong Granny? Why do you look so horrified?

(Granny gives Tweety's Dad the note, and he also becomes horrified of the mean card that Tweety made.)

Diesel: Oh My God! Why would you say that to your grandmother?

(Tweety becomes sad, and confesses to his dad.)

Tweety: But Dad, I thought it would be funny.

(Diesel scolds at Tweety and becomes very furious at him.)

Diesel: Funny?!? You call this funny? That was the meanest thing that you had ever said to Granny.

(Tweety tries to apologize)

Tweety: But Dad...

(Diesel Points His Hand To Tweety's Room.)

Diesel: No Buts! You Go To Your Room Young Man. You are grounded for life.

(Tweety walks upstairs to his room, grounded for life, and tries to talk to Diesel)

Tweety: But Dad, it's funny because it's slightly true. It's On The Spirit Of The Holiday.

(Tweety's Dad looks at him angrily, and continues to point to go upstairs to his room. Tweety becomes desperate, and begs.)

Tweety: No No Please, Wait!!!

(Tweety is now in his room, very upset. He has a picture of Granny, and he rips it up. Tweety closes his eyes, and puts his head down with shame.)

Tweety: Why Am I Always Grounded?

(End Of The Episode)

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