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twext method
method to associate text chunks of meaning


system to format bifocal bitext
format twin text in twext format


each chunk 
on new line

one empty space
between sentences
or lyric lines

two empty spaces
between paragraphs
or choruses


            input text x input twext
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   
|                     | |                       |
|          each chunk | | cada trozo            |
|         on new line | | en nueva linea        |
|                     | |                       |
|     one empty space | | un sólo renglón vacio |
|   between sentences | | entre frases          |
|      or lyric lines | | o renglónes de letra  |
|                     | |                       |
|                     | |                       |
|    two empty spaces | | dos renglones vacios  |
|  between paragraphs | | entre paragrafos      |
|         or choruses | | o coros               |
|                     | |                       |
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  
twexter software reads above text inputs, 
then reformats them in bifocal bitext

twext format: ascii

E A C H   C H U N K   O N   A   N E W   L I N E
    cada trozo      .    en una nueva linea
O N E   E M P T Y   S P A C E   B E T W E E N 
   un sólo renglón vacio      .         entre
S E N T E N C E S   O R   L Y R I C   L I N E S
frases            .  o  .  renglones de letra

T W O   E M P T Y   S P A C E S   B E T W E E N
    dos renglones vacios        .         entre

P A R A G R A P H S   O R   C H O R U S E S  
paragrafos          .        o coros

other twext formats

other twext formats may better achieve
intent of bifocal bitext presentation

twext line break

twext line break describes method to 
format a chunk of twext if interrupted by
limited page width


twext method uses u.s.patent #6438515, with
aim to cross-license into closed copyrights;
to enable more open systems to help everyone
learn to read.. in many languages

dual license

patent is freely licensed to GPL software
producing CCL texts.. dual license welcomes


one advantage in twext system may be MUT,
marked-up twext, enabling an easy interface
for users to add/share meaning in twext chunks


twexter software processes text 
arrayed in above twext method, then
can format bifocal bitext


critique twext format in separate talk
critique twext method here or here

similar systems?

please describe, link to similar systems here


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