Twilight Of A Heart
Twilight Of A Heart cd
Released January 2011
Genre Post-Rock
Length 50:10
Label Darts Records
Catalog # TMR 007


Danilo he had announced that his fourth album would be released in October 2010, but due to the delay that caused the return of his old record studio (where he had created his first songs, "Ocean" and "Your Day"), this album was released in January 2011. Musically superior to its predecessor, this album was produced with a new software that improved the sound of midi files, besides of being the first "automated". Now Danilo didn't had to record the instruments directly from their hands, allowing errors. Instead, "Twilight Of A Heart" does not have these common mistakes of a novice pianist, except for the songs "Fallen Love Soldiers" and "You Don't Love Me", curiously becoming the first singles of this album. The album's success came because of the large amount of views on Youtube, and in addition to the websites where Danilo uploade his music: and The most famous song was "You Don't Love Me", that with its direct and sincere message, showed that one "i don't love you" was just as hard no matter the ways you say it. This album is the only one that has just one song inspired and wrote for one girl, "Neverlasting Love", that is wrote for a Argentinian model called Stephanie Demner. Danilo always liked her photos that were very different compared with other models, full of innocence and joy.

Track listing

  1. "Two Of Us" – 4:48
  2. "Fallen Love Soldiers" – 6:11
  3. "The Colour Out Of Space" – 3:31
  4. "Neverlasting Love" – 4:57
  5. "I've Been Losing Time" – 4:41
  6. "You Don't Love Me" – 5:10
  7. "Kiss Me!" – 3:47
  8. "Twilight Of A Heart" – 6:52
  9. "Hopes And Faiths" – 2:36
  10. "This Life" – 4:14
  11. "Don't Die" – 3:18


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