Twilight Recluse

A picture of an ad. button. It features the pokemon mascots of TR.

Twilight Recluse

Twilight Recluse, also known as the abbreviation TR, is an online community. There is multiple activities you can find your self engaged in. There is a good number of active text-based RPGs you can take part in. There is also those crazy forum games. If your looking for a place to display your RPG skills, or just a place to find some friends, I suggest looking into TR today!

TR Banner

The main banner of the site, it features the slogan "Your Sanctuary"

Short History

This place is rather new, but the members have a good history. When the site was fist founded by the head admin, Anonymiss, on August 14th, o7. I suppose it was made to allow some people that had conflicted with the administrative staff of another forum a new place to start over. When Anonymiss first made the page, there was a pokemon RPG, The Lunaria Regionand a working MegaMan RPG that has just opened, Megaman Battle Network Neo.

Current Happenings

Recently on TR, most of the members have been enjoying the fun of the large scale RPGs along with the addition of the smaller RPGs we have to offer. Some of these include the LegionRPG that the co-owner, JYAP, has setup.

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