Twilight Sparkle vists Littest Pet Shop is a series that proseeds the events of Twilight Sparkle vists Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends and Rainbow Dash's Adventers Of Sonic The Hegehoge SATAM. It will feture the main 6, Spike, the CMC and some other charaters if nessarsy.

Main Trivia

  • This is based off of Mr Conducter's adevents of the littest pet shop.

Epiosde 1: Blythe's Big Adventer part 1


  • Bythe will meet not only the pets, but the main 6, Spike and the CMC as well.



  • The ponies and Spike already seem to know the pets.
  • Rarity and Sweetie Belle will join Zoe in singing "Meet the littest pet shop pets" while intoducing the main 6, Spike and the CMC to Bythe.

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