Crest of Twilight

The Twilight Crest

Twilight Warrior's

One of the three pillars; feirce warrior's weilding the power of Twilight.



The founding of the Twilight Warriors occured two thousand years ago when a Balance maiden and a Darkside warrior fell in love and had a child. This child was known as Jeramaih. He was however plauged by the fact he was a half breed of two species that, almost on the cellular level, seemed to require each other's destruction.

His parents were excuted for the action of giving him life. He was cast a drif for years and hunted armed only with his father's sword Gashgar and a bow. He traveled for years constantly battling darksides and balances that sought his death; while at the same time battling his internal struggle with his dual nature.

Eventaully when he was cornered at age eighteen in a small village by several purist Balance's who wanted him dead. It was late and at first he held them back with his bow but several had armor to thick for his arrows. At that moment his power went on the attack and he was almost done for! At that momentt however the Twilight Moon rose in the nights sky for the first time on that world in a thousand years.

His power fused and became twilight and with Twilight he defeated the purists. Afterwards he gathereed several others who had developed Twilight power like him due to being born with both Light and Dark blood. The established the Twilight blood lines and thus the Twilight warrior's were born.


The Twilight Warrior's traveled about the worlds trying to keep the balance and Darkside battles from claiming innocent lives. With this they intervened on many crisis, helping the Fire Nation surivie a period between Avatar's in which Water tribe warrior's ravaged their coasts. This secured a freindship with the Fire nation for many years.

The War

When the Church of the Holy light emerged the Twilight Warrior's at first didn't see them as a serious threat until they started rounding up the holy seven and burning down whole villages to kill single darksides. The Twilight Warrior's rapidly mobolized to counter the threat battleing the Church of the holy light in a brutal five year war. Eventually even the Balance's and Darkside's joined.

At the Same time evil energy was on the rampage and the Twilight Warrior's battled it out with the monster but taking heavy losses. Eventually they determined to use the holy seven of Twilight to seal away the Evil Energy. However before they could do anything to stop the Evil energy the Church of the Holy Light stole the Bow from the Tower of Amon Ere.

After the battle the Twilight Warrior's gathered their allies and decided to form a sword capable of defeating evil energy and the Holy Seven. Thus they created the Moon Sword under the Twilight moon and used it to defeat and seal away Evil Energy. Then they moved on the Holy Light's stronghold and destroyed their fortress and recaptured the holy seven.

An Armistice was made scattering the Holy Seven and sealing away the Moon Sword in the Temple of Twilight.

The Chaos Knights

The Twilight Warrior's were weakened badly by the war but the worst trouble was to come. A group of Twilight Warrior's who had become power hunger became Chaos Knights and attacked the Twilight Warrior's. This first war with the chaos knights cost many lives and further weakened the Twilight Warriors, both from deaths and defections.


After the wars the Twilight Warrior's fell into a steady decline. Number's droped rapidly, the many house of Twilight began to take many losses. Then suddenly many Twilight Warrior's began to disapear or turn up dead. The Twilight warriors were barely five hundred stron when Rasests appeared.

At the same time a new group of Chaos Knights appeared and attempted to ally themesevles with Rasets. In the Battle were he meet his demise the Chaos Knights were meant to form his body guard but the Twilight warriors had ambushed them on the way to the battle and destroyed them but not with out massive casualties.

The Twilight Warrior's eventually dropped so low that the Fire nation attacked and destroyed their enclave at the begining of the Great war.

With less than 50 Twilight Warrior's remaining by the 1950's the Twilight Warrior's scattered keeping the houses alive and fighting to protect the worlds. Eventually however they fadded into utter obsucrity.


The Twilight Warrior's were believed to be all but destroyed when Ranger24 revealed himself as a Twilight warrior. The question if the Order can recover remains to be seen.

The Houses

The Houses:

The Twilight Warrior's are divided into five houses all descended from the orginal Twilight Warrior's. All Twilight Warrior's are born within the five houses. As such all Twilight Warrior's are distantly related.

The five houses are:

House of Jermaih: The first house. Descended from Jeremaih. These Twilight's have the many family ties and have managed to survive into the modern day. Ranger is among this house but not in the direct line, being a branch member. All member's normally carry a bow as it is the symbol of the house.

House of Shun: The second house. Descended from Shun the first Female Twilight Warrior's. These Twilight Warrior's often had a darker tone but more frequent for cracking a joke.

House of Gelan: The third house. Descended from the shortest of the orginal Twilight Warrior's. They may share in Gelan's lack of height rarely getting above the upper fives but being the most willing to help those in need almost by blood.

House of Kelkan: The fourth house. Descended from the Toughest of the orginal Twilight Warrior's. They often fight with a great determination but sometimes lapse into foolish descions.

House of Haserf: The fifth house. Descended from the last of the orginal Twilight Warrior's. They are normally quite willing work as a team often working with close relatives or members of the other houses.

Twilight Ranks

The Twilight Warriors had ranks determined by skill and experince.

Trainees: The lowest level. Young Twilight Warrior's still in training without a Master. Apprentices: Training under an older Twilight Warrior while still getting to travel. Twilight Guardian/Watchmen/Assassin: Full Twilight Warrior's trained in specific sectors. They still train but start doing more dangerous mission's. Twilight Master: An elder Twilight Warrior normally training large numbers of trainees and leading high priorety missions.

Twilight Bases

Fortress of Amon Ere: Head quarters and fortress. Before the Twilight Warrior's abandonded it they set up a vast network of traps and defense to protect their anceint fortress. Local's fear to go near the fortress or the hills near by which they know are the graves of the orginal five Twilight Warrior's.

Fire Nation Enclave: Orginally a place of knowledge, dipolmacy, honor, and understanding the Fire nation Enclave was set up when Twilight Warrior's Intervened on a massive series of raids on the Fire nation by Water tribe warriors during a break between Avatars. At the start of the Great war however, the enclave was invaded and plundered.

Twilight Temple: The Temple on Reach was used to house the Moon Sword. Like Amon Ere it is well defended.

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