Twilight of Evenstar

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Twilight of Evenstar is a campaign set in post-invasion Atrica. Played in person, it took place 30 years after the events intially depicted in the Black Jester campaign.

GM: eunhathes
System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition
World: Atrica
Medium: Real World
Slots: Unestablished

Players Characters

Player Character Race Class Other
"Ahj" Dalci Lambrose Drow Mage
"Laura" pending pending pending
"Shanta" Melodie Lenne Halfling Fighter/ Thief
"Bill" Jasper Fennelson High Elf Ranger
"James" Ariala Half-Elf Fighter/ Mage/ Cleric
"John" Archimedies Zharcov Human Paladin

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