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Twilight of Evenstar II is a continuation of the real-world Twilight of Evenstar game. Played on the Temple of Heavens forum, it took place one month after the initial events in Twilight of Evenstar.

GM: eunhathes
System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition
World: Atrica
Medium: Forum (Temple of Heavens)
Slots: 6

Players Characters

Player Character Race Class Other
artemi Opal Deeplamp Dwarf Cleric
Celest Amie Stargazer Half-Elf Mage
lylie Lylie Amastrat Human Bard
alexander Jenene Thomas Human Wizard
eunhathes Oire Maldanon Human Fighter
gryphonpoet Aboriam Stormwatcher Elf Schenachie

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