Twin Trouble is a TUGS parody of the Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends episode of the same name.


Frank and Eddie are being used to move some freight cars across the harbor. Up ahead, The Goods Engine was struggling over a low bridge with a load of hay, witch was stuck in the water after one of the trucks had derailed and landed in the water. Frank and Eddie were horrified and covered their eyes, but Frank crashed into the truck. Frank blamed Eddie for the incident. After that, they refused to speak with each other for the rest of the day.

The next day, Captain Star needed a barge for Grampus to carry some rock from the quarry. Frank volunteers, but Captain Star only needed one barge, not two. Frank said that he was one barge, surprising Captain Star, who agreed. Ten Cents was worried and asked if they would miss each other, using him as missing Petra and Pearl as an example. Eddie said he would work fine on his own and Frank was taken away to work with Grampus.

At first, Frank liked working with Grampus, but things soon went wrong. He complained about Grampus telling a train to put the trucks on him on the wrong other line. Grampus was confused, and Frank said that Eddie would have understood him.

Meanwhile, Eddie was working on his own and is being used to deliver oil tankers to the docks. He watches the beach, but he has nobody to watch it with. Although he tried not to, he began to miss Eddie.

Later, he was taken to visit Frank. He tried to talk to Frank, but he rudely asks if he came to say sorry. Eddie then became mad and said he had nothing to be sorry for.

The next day, Frank was in a bad mood, and Grampus could see he was beginning to float away. He tried to warn him, but he crashed into a pipe and got stuck. Grampus knew he couldn't fit, so he went to get help.

Eddie was sadly finishing up his work when Grampus told him the news. Grampus used Eddie to push Frank out of the pipe. They begin to argue about who's sorry, but Grampus tells them not to argue about who's sorry and just be happy to be together, and that's what they did.

Cast (in order of appearances)

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