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Two Foxes and a Sponge

Two Foxes and a Sponge is a TV series is created by mcb1209.


Main Characters

Robin Hood (a fox)

Maid Marian (a vixen)

SpongeBob (a sponge)

Patrick (a starfish)

Recurring Characters

The Rooster (aka Alan-a-Dale)

Little John (a bear)

Friar Tuck (an american badger)

Prince John and King Richard (lions)

Sir Hiss (a snake)

Lady Kluck (a chicken)

The Sheriff of Nottingham aka "Old Bushel-Britches" (a wolf)

Nutsy and Trigger (vultures), respectively

the Father Sexton and his wife "Little Sister" (church mice), respectively

Skippy, Sis and Tagalong (rabbits), respectively

Toby (a turtle)

Mother Rabbit

The Tournament Crocodile

Otto (a dog)

Squidward (a squid)

Chuck Norris

Moar Krabs and Mr. Krabs (crabs), respectively


1. SpongeBob, love assistant

2. Moar Krabs want Robin hood and Maid Marian to have kids

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