Typhoon Kirin
Category 5 Super Typhoon (SSHS)
Formed April 12, 2016
Dissipated April 23, 2016
Damage None

Kirin started out as a incredibly weak low that crossed the dateline. It almost dissipated, but started gaining organization. It became concentrated and became TD 5. TD 5 was weak, but still became TS Kirin. Kirin was a stubborn storm, waning and waxing in intensity. Overnight, Kirin became even more concentrated, and became a severe TS. Kirin kept on, and became a typhoon, the 5th of the season. Kirin doubled in strength, and became a super typhoon. Kirin became a category 5, the first of the season. Kirin curved inland in Japan and became extratropical. Kirin's remnants reached the western US and made rainfall in the western states. Kirin may have been part of Hurricane Ika of the Central Pacific. Kirin also absorbed Typhoon Tip. Kirin stayed a typhoon for 145 hours, beating Rin. Kirin also stayed a category 5 for 78 hours, the longest a cyclone at that strength until Hurricane Jake which stayed that strength for 1015 hours.

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