Cloak Form

In cloaked mode the most of his body is covered by a deep black cloack. his neck is surround by massive armor. He appears only 5.5 feet tall in this form. He has a tall neck, and his face is pointed, with satelite ears on the edge of the side of his head, and his face looks like a knight's metal mask visor, and it is colored orange.

Robot Form

In warrior form he is much taller, about 7-feet tall. The armor surrounding his neck shifts and becomes body armor, and it turns orange, just like his face. He has a black abdomen, and his legs are tall and hard, and end in huge flat boots. His arms are long wavy balls lined up in a chain like formation, and his hands are huge metal claws! His neck becomes shorter and his mask shifts to the back of his head and revles a blood-red eye!

True Form

In this form he lloks like a mechnical and metal Tyrannosaurus Rex! He is almost unstoppable in this form! He only uses this form when he is defeated, and his robotic body is so damaged it cannot move.


Age: 65,002,009 years. Although he appears as a robot with very long arms, and very large Claws!, Tyrannus is actually a 65 million year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex! He's just like (or was like) Alphonse, he's an automail, Bodyless Armor. He was the most savage and viscious beast to ever walk the Earth, and he did for something other Tyrannosaurs lacked, Pleasure! Temhota brought Tyrannus back to life by sealing his soul in large mechanical contruct.


Tyrannus's personality is part calm and calculating ,and savage, viscous, and BloodThirsty! Tyrannus is cruel and sadistic. Going through many extreme procedures to make his enemies suffer, such as making them watch their loved ones die in front of their eyes!He often call people who aren't associated with the Dark Army "Puplings". Because he is ancient Dinosaur, and is older then most beings.



The Author Fighters.

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