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Here's the rule that the IT members must abide:

Rule Name Reason Consequences
Swearing/Flaming Seriously, do not attack our IT members verbally because it can stir up into a "swear war" regardless of anonymous & IT member alike. being Exiled
Spamming piling up a IT topic is strictly not a pleasing action Tyrants Rank Depromotion or if all Tyrant Topics is piled up results into an exile.
Leeching When on a 4 vs monster hunt, do not slack off by being in another spot & waiting out until you can carve the monster. Being banned temporarily from hunting with others
Hacking While it is fun to do it by solo, it is strictly prohibitted as we see it "unfair" & "a god-like technique" Being banned temporarily from hunting with others once the screenshot is proven. If done again results an exile.
Upswinging/Golfswinging Others On a 4 hunters vs monster hunt, it's a disgrace to distract hunters by using a GS upswing or a Hammer golfswing because it distracts us. Being banned temporarily for using these weapons for an act of distraction but if seen using it for distraction results a permaban from using them.
Weaponism Do not force others to use a weapon they are bad at Tyrants rank Depromotion & if done again results an exile
Rebellion Who would want to rebel us? well, rebellions are a big problems to our clan so if it's about to break out, negotiate Being exiled forever.

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