Twi\'lek NEGAS

An U'tani

The U'tani are an alien race characterized by their smooth, pointed head and twin lobes protruding from their heads. Often called head tails, the lekku contain additional sensory nerves and are very sensitive, and are thought to be errogenous zones. Most U'tanis have two lekku, known as tchin and tchun, or tchun-tchin when spoken of as a pair. Rare variants have a single lekku or up to four. Each lekku is filled with muscles, and stored in the cells of the lekku were the U'tani's deepest memories. U'tanis often use subtle twitches and flexings of their lekku as a form of communication. They have rows of pointed teeth, and close-set, pig-like eyes. They are native to the planet Tani. They also have multiple stomachs, and will feed on almost anything, from the fungi that grow on Tani to the cowlike rycrits. The skin coloration of a U'tani varies, with all shades of the rainbow represented, as well as white and black. U'tanis live in clans which are governed by a five-member group known as a head clan. The members of the clan append their clan name to their given name; for example, Koh'shak. This combined name has a definite meaning, and subtle changes in pronunciation can be incurred by the addition of the clan name. The U'tani will often adapt the full name to indicate the true - or more flattering - actual name. One example it Nawara Ven. A member of the Ven clan, his full name should be Nawara'ven. However, when translated, this becomes "tarnished silver." His family adapted his full name to be Nawar'aven, which translates to "good speaker" (literally, "silver-tongued"). U'tanis often belittle one another by using modified variations of their full names.

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