Wade: Uh, Orson... What's a quickie?

Orson: It's a short joke, you know.

Booker: (walks in) I don't like jokes about being short.

Orson: Well, it's not a joke about being short, Booker. It's a joke that IS short.

Roy: (walks in with Bo) But couldn't you do a short joke about someone being short?!

Bo: Like, you could even do a long joke about someone being short, man.

Roy: (whispering in Bo's ear) Then that would be a long short joke...

Orson: ENOUGH ALREADY!!! A quickie is a joke that's only forty-five seconds, and it's...

Sheldon: (offscreen) Time's up!! (walks in and his other friends glare at him)

(seconds later, the camera fades out and the whole screen becomes black)

Wade: Ohhh, shucks. I never found out what a quickie was...



Lanolin is not in this short.

The screen becomes black before Wade says his last line in the end.

Orson, Wade, Booker, Roy, Bo and Sheldon are six characters in this short.

When Roy whispers in Bo's ear, his tail disappears, but when Orson shouts "enough already", Roy's tail reappears.

Air Date

August 14, 2013

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