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Toronto Soccer League

Scores and Schedule

G# Day DateTimeLocation HomeScoreAway
1 TueMay 167pm Westway JS MRC Chile Lindo3 - 5Leaside Athletic
2 TueMay 167pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s5 - 5Toronto Eagles West
3 TueMay 167pm George SymeWest End United3 - 0West Toronto
4 TueMay 167pm Downsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste3 - 1EY Palmeiras 97’s
5 ThuMay 187pm Dublin #1NT Green0 - 1NT White
6 TueMay 237pm Westway JS MRC Chile Lindo2 – 6EY Palmeiras 97’s
7 TueMay 237pm George SymeWest End United3 – 3Leaside Athletic
8 TueMay 237pm Downsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste3 – 2Toronto Eagles West
9 TueMay 237pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s5 - 4NT Green
10ThuMay 257pm Dublin #1NT White7 - 0West Toronto
11MonMay 297pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto4 – 11Etobicoke 97’s
12TueMay 307pm George SymeWest End United2 – 4MRC Chile Lindo
13TueMay 307pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic3 - 1Toronto Eagles West
14WedMay 317pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s1 - 0NT Green
15ThuJun 017pm Dublin #1NT White2 - 4MRC Uruguay Celeste
16MonJun 057pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto1 - 14NT Green
17TueJun 067pm High ParkWest End United4 – 5EY Palmeiras 97’s
18TueJun 067pm Westway JS MRC Chile Lindo8 - 1Toronto Eagles West
19TueJun 067pm Downsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste2 – 0Etobicoke 97’s
20ThuJun 087pm Dublin #1NT White3 - 2Leaside Athletic
21TueJun 137pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic3 – 1Etobicoke 97’s
22TueJun 137pm High ParkWest End United1 – 1NT Green
23TueJun 137pm Downsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste6 – 1West Toronto
24WedJun 147pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s1 - 3Toronto Eagles West
25ThuJun 157pm Dublin #1NT White2 - 3MRC Chile Lindo
26MonJun 197pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto1 – 11Leaside Athletic
27TueJun 207pm Campbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West4 – 2West End United
28TueJun 207pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s12 – 1MRC Chile Lindo
29WedJun 217pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s2 – 2NT White
30ThuJun 227pm Dublin #1NT Green2 – 6MRC Uruguay Celeste
31TueJun 277pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic3 – 1NT Green
32TueJun 277pm Westway JS MRC Chile Lindo2 – 8MRC Uruguay Celeste
33TueJun 277pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s3 – 1West End United
34WedJun 287pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s8 - 0West Toronto
35ThuJun 297pm Dublin #1NT White3 - 5Toronto Eagles West
36TueJul 047pm Westway JS MRC Chile Lindo5 – 1West Toronto
37TueJul 047pm Campbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West6 – 0NT Green
38TueJul 047pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic3 – 5MRC Uruguay Celeste
39TueJul 047pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s4 - 2EY Palmeiras 97’s
40ThuJul 067pm Dublin #1NT White6 - 4West End United
41MonJul 107pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto0 - 16Toronto Eagles West
42TueJul 117pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic2 - 2EY Palmeiras 97’s
43TueJul 117pm Downsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste3 - 0West End United
44TueJul 117pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s4 - 3NT White
45ThuJul 137pm Dublin #1NT Green3 - 3MRC Chile Lindo


G# Day DateTimeLocation HomeScoreAway
46MonJul 177pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto1 - 9West End United
47TueJul 187pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic7 - 0MRC Chile Lindo
48WedJul 197pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s1 - 5MRC Uruguay Celeste
49ThuJul 207pm Campbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West1 - 3Etobicoke 97’s
50ThuJul 207pm Dublin #1NT White5 - 2NT Green
51MonJul 247pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto2 - 3NT White
52TueJul 257pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic6 - 0West End United
55WedJul 267pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s8 - 2MRC Chile Lindo
54ThuJul 277pm Campbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West3 - 4MRC Uruguay Celeste
55ThuJul 277pm Dublin #1NT Green0 - 2Etobicoke 97’s
56TueAug 017pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s6 - 0West Toronto
57TueAug 017pm Westway JS MRC Chile Lindo3 - 5West End United
58TueAug 017pm Campbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West2 - 5Leaside Athletic
59TueAug 017pm Downsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste11- 0NT White
60ThuAug 037pm Dublin #1NT Green0 - 6EY Palmeiras 97’s
61TueAug 087pm Campbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West7 - 1MRC Chile Lindo
62TueAug 087pm Cent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s1 - 4MRC Uruguay Celeste
63TueAug 087pm Flemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic1 - 1NT White
64WedAug 097pm Cent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s5 - 1West End United
65ThuAug 107pm Dublin #1NT Green8 - 0West Toronto
66MonAug 147pm Bluehaven Park #1West Toronto0 - 13MRC Uruguay Celeste
67TueAug 156:30pmCampbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West2 - 6EY Palmeiras 97’s
68TueAug 156:30pmCent. Cricket FieldEtobicoke 97’s2 - 2Leaside Athletic
69TueAug 156:30pmWestway JS MRC Chile Lindo5 - 5NT White
70ThuAug 176:30pmDublin #1NT Green0 - 3West End United
71TueAug 226:30pmFlemingdon ParkLeaside Athletic10 - 0West Toronto
72TueAug 226:30pmHigh ParkWest End United4 - 5Toronto Eagles West
73TueAug 226:30pmWestway JS MRC Chile Lindo1 - 4Etobicoke 97’s
74TueAug 226:30pmDownsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste10 - 1NT Green
75ThuAug 246:30pmDublin #1NT White0 - 2EY Palmeiras 97’s
76MonAug 286:30pmBluehaven Park #1West Toronto0 - 6EY Palmeiras 97’s
77TueAug 296:30pmDownsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste10 - 1MRC Chile Lindo
78TueAug 296:30pmHigh ParkWest End United0 - 4Etobicoke 97’s
79TueAug 296:30pmCampbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West3 - 4NT White
80ThuAug 316:30pmDublin #1NT Green1 - 6Leaside Athletic
81MonSep 046:30pmBluehaven Park #1West Toronto4 - 12MRC Chile Lindo
82TueSep 056:30pmHigh ParkWest End United0 - 4NT White
83TueSep 056:30pmDownsview Park MRC Uruguay Celeste1 - 4Leaside Athletic
84WedSep 066:30pmCent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s3 - 2Etobicoke 97’s
86TueSep 126:30pmCampbell Park #1 Toronto Eagles West15 - 0West Toronto
87TueSep 126:30pmWestway JS MRC Chile Lindo4 - 4NT Green
88TueSep 126:30pmHigh ParkWest End United1 - 3MRC Uruguay Celeste
89WedSep 136:30pmCent. Cricket FieldEY Palmeiras 97’s0 - 1Leaside Athletic
90ThuSep 146:30pmDublin #1NT White3 - 5Etobicoke 97’s
85ThuSep ??6:30pmDublin #1NT Green0 - 1(d)Toronto Eagles West



1MRC Uruguay Celeste18170110125+7651
2Leaside Athletic1812427727+5040
3Etobicoke 97's1812247429+3538
4Etobicoke Palmeiras1811256633+3235
5Toronto Eagles West1810178549+3631
6NT White188375455-127
7MRC Chile Lindo1853105282-3018
8West End United1842124360-1814
9NT Green1823134164-23 9
10West Toronto18001815163-148 0

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