Ripley - Lieutenant, what do those pulse rifles fire?

Gorman - 10 millimeter explosive tip caseless. Standard light armor piercing rounds, why?


Bull MK-3 Heavy Chassis

Weighing in at roughly 1200lbs the Banshee MK-3 is the premier assault armor of the 25th century. Resembling a half ton steel silverback the suit runs on an advanced crystal fluid matrix battery which gives the suit approximately 72 hours of operation time. Although possessing modular weapon mounts, the set comes standard with a MK-3 Laser Rifle mounted on the left forearm powered by the suits' battery. A DIEGO(TM) 40mm automatic grenade launcher is mounted under the right hand with an internal magazine feed of 21 grenades. The primary feature of the suit is the audio-overflow valves mounted on the helmet of the suit. Carefully crafted for functionality as well as psychological effect the helmet of the suit has multiple speakers that pipe ultra low frequency resonance off the matrix-battery fluid. The effect is a barely audible shock wave that can pulverize concrete, warp vehicle hulls and shatter bone. Armor value – 12/15

Bounder light Chassis

Much like its larger counterpart the Bounder has the same UAC crafted auto-overflow system mounted on the helmet. Unlike its larger brother the suit was primarily crafted to assist scout, reconnaissance and harassment forces meet the need for sufficient protection but increased speed. The result was a complex lower leg system that when worn creates the ‘chicken leg’ effect by placing a hydraulically assisted leg below the wear’s own. Thus her leg becomes the top part of the system, while the lower rear bent joint, and lower leg are provided by the suit. The suit’s arms and slightly extended to accommodate the increase in height and provide more centrifugal force while moving. Standing erect the pilot measures an additional 3 feet in the suit, and can move at 40mph on even terrain. Although it is more common for the pilot to move in a bent over gaunt with an arched back and swaying arms. Mounted on either forearm are 4 pronged blades that can retract and extend to 12.5inches. Unlike the Bull suit the Bounder allows the user to fire any ranged weapon in a standard fashion, but due to the nature of the arms accuracy is slightly reduced. Common tactics though include support movements with heavy suppressive fire while mobile units sweep wide utilize their blades in a fashion similar to Calvary charges of the 19th century. Armor Value – 7/5

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