Introduction & Goals

The purpose of this page is to collaboratively review and edit the UFP's FC series of specifications. We will start at the existing FCs and work forwards. Our goals are as follows:

  1. Establish FC3 standards
  2. Review and update all elements of the FCs for necessity, completeness, and appropriateness of level
  3. Establish uniformity of certifications by:
    1. Writing an instructor's manual and example testing scenarios for each FC
    2. Establishing pass/fail guidelines
  4. Add basic combat awareness to FC2 specification


(sign here after your first update):

  • CDR Casy R. Eratl, CO: SFAO


Summary of the major details of my first pass:

  • Updated the basics of FC1/2 to reflect how we do things these days
  • Moved manual approach from FC2 to FC3
  • Renamed the 'FC1a' to the 'Merchant Marine Certification'
  • Moved 'Cloak' section from FC2 to FC3
  • Added Tactical, Operations, and Science areas to FC2.

This is a good start, will continue working on it in the future. Casy


Flight Certification 1: Basic Flight Control Permit

Available For: All UFP Citizens

Recommended For: All Starfleet Personnel

This certification provides basic training in piloting a vessel. It ensures general authorization for performing the functions of the helmsman on most Starfleet vessels for routine patrols and projects not involving combat.

The Helm Console

  • demonstrate the proper pre-flight routine
  • describe every entry on a SENSOR REPORT, including flags (open book)
  • describe every entry on a DETAIL with a sensor contact
  • state the minimum resolution necessary to achieve identification of a contact on the sensor report
  • describe the HELM STATUS Report and information found therein
  • demonstrate rotating of shield frequencies
  • demonstrate shield power allocation
  • demonstrate the proper shut-down procedure

Docking and Undocking

  • demonstrate DOCK/UNDOCK and/or LAND/LAUNCH
  • demonstrate how to OPEN/CLOSE an AIRLOCK/HATCH
  • demonstrate lowering and raising shields
  • demonstrate the proper commands to request docking access
  • demonstrate how to refuel and repair vessels
  • demonstrate how to clamp/unclamp ports/pads
  • execute a docking or landing including connecting


  • describe the PLANET NEAR report
  • describe the NEBULA REPORT
  • describe the BORDER REPORT
  • demonstrate the ability to LAYIN a set of coordinates
  • demonstrate the ability to set a specific course
  • describe the difference between LAYIN and COURSE
  • bring the vessel to WARP and IMPULSE including reverse speeds
  • demonstrate the use of ETA
  • execute a flight to a location not found on the sensor report
  • execute a flight to a location found on the sensor report
  • demonstrate INTERCEPT, EVADE and PARALLEL
  • demonstrate familiarity with autopilot's purpose and use
  • execute an autopilot approach


Merchant Marine Certification

Available For: All UFP Citizens

Recommended For: All Merchant Traders

This supplemental certification is offered for those intending to trade within and outside Federation space.

Standard Regulations

  • demonstrate use of galactic subspace channels for communication
  • demonstrate the use of secured channel communications (ship to ship)
  • demonstrate the use of relay through secured channels
  • describe the function of and necessity for subspace relays
  • demonstrate adherence to general regulations for crossing borders
  • demonstrate adherence to general regulations for approach, land, and launch

Specific Regulations

  • locate and explain specific traffic regulations for various factions
  • explain open and closed markets
  • demonstrate how to determine whether a market is open for trade
  • locate the Federation Traffic Advisories


Flight Certification Level Two

Available For: All Starfleet Personnel

Recommended For: All Commissioned Officers

This certification ensures SecLar level four, for access to consoles at any time. With it comes general authorization for standard patrols in most Starfleet vessels and other routine projects not involving combat.


  • adjusting course using YAW and PITCH
  • explain how adjustments to YAW, PITCH and ROLL move the ship
  • demonstrate the ability to evade/escape
  • demonstrate the use of both levels of EWARP
  • describe the shape and geometry of the six shields
  • describe where a sensor report contact is in relation to the ship
  • describe a pod search and recovery
  • execute a <1 SU autopilot approach (2 attempts)


  • compute the DISTANCE between any two points
  • compute the MIDPOINT between any two points
  • state the ETA to a location at various warp speeds
  • demonstrate an understanding of the cartography of Federation space and its relation to neighboring factions
  • describe the purpose and utility of SLEW


  • explain every element of BEAM STAT, MISS STAT, and TAC STAT
  • explain the calculations required to determine weapon allocations
  • demonstrate locking and unlocking weapons
  • demonstrate weapons firing, including continuous fire at an optimum rate


  • demonstrate use of transporters
  • demonstrate use of tractor beams


  • demonstrate knowledge of the contents of all scanning modes
  • explain active vs passive scans


Flight Certification Level Three

Available For: All Starfleet Personnel

Recommended For: Department Heads, Operations Staff, Tactical Staff, Flight control Staff


  • execute a cloaked scout mission, including approach and evade
  • demonstrate ability to move a stationary contact to any facing shield while remaining stopped
  • execute a manual approach (3 attempts)
  • execute a backwards manual approach (3 attempts)
  • demonstrate ability to intercept a target on an arbitrary course and expeditiously close to within 40,000 SU


  • demonstrate setting proper power allocations to cloak
  • demonstrate changing cloak frequencies
  • demonstrate knowledge of the effects cloak has on signature and sensors
  • execute cloaking and decloaking

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