The URC 8910 Extender v1.1 extends the capabilities of the URC 8910 and URC 9910 remotes for many advanced functions. See Extender for an overview.

Additional advantages for this remote include:

  • You can control the LCD display.
  • You can synchronize the clock on the remote with your PC's clock.
  • Modified function of the Fav key.


  • Here is how to set up the VCR device key on the remote to change the television tuner to a specific AV input on a Long Key Press, and switch to VCR mode on a short press:
  1. In IR, in the Spcl Prot Fns tab, click the Add button.
  2. For the device, select VCR. For the key use an unused key, for instance, Phantom2. Click the Shift or XShift checkboxes as necessary.
  3. For the Type, pick LKP, and for the Duration, select 3.
  4. Now, set up the appropriate macros for when the VCR key is pressed for a short press:
    • DEV_VCR
    • SET_LCD
  5. Then for the long press, include the appropriate macro to switch the television inputs:
    • DEV_TV
    • TV/VID
    • SHIFT-Down
    • Select
    • Exit
    • VCR
    • We close with the VCR command to also execute the short press functions to put the keys in the proper VCR setup.
  6. Finally, go to the Macros tab, and define a macro for the VCR key to execute the key we just set up:
    • DEV_VCR
    • Phantom2
  7. Now upload the changes to your remote and give it a try.


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