This is the wiki page for the planning of a new USC group / bi weekly event that is tenatively being called "Rapport." We plan this as a bi weekly discussion on whatever topics related to religion or spirituality or beliefs as we see fit. We plan on covering a broad range of issues.

Plenary Meeting Session

This would just be a chance to talk about this in person and bang out some details to maybe get the first discussion going soon. Please write your name under which ever of the two times works for you, or if neither work, then type a new time and write your name under it.

Thurs Oct 19 - 6:30pm



Fri Oct 20 - 3:00pm




Issues to Plan

afternoon or evening meetings

weekly, bi weekly, monthly

modes of advertisement - flyers + word of mouth + facebook 'events'?

who to involve - do we want faculty members to offer an opening short talk from a position of expertise? or student panels? or religious directors? or some combination of all the above?

Possible Discussion Topics

Please feel free to list in here anything you would want to have a discussion on

Religion and Politics

Dating and Religion in College

the concept of 'sin'


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