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Brig. Gen. R. Mark Brown "As providers of the world's best equipment to the world's best Soldiers, we collect and rely on Soldiers' input and ideas to constantly improve all of our products. All of our clothing and equipment is battle-proven and live-fire tested. Those labels can't be earned in a laboratory."

This quote comes after the debut of a new combat shirt fot he Army. The shirt is ment to reduce sweat due to multiple layers of clothing. It is a thin shirt meant to replace the combat jacket and anti moisture t-shirt, worn under the Interceptor Body Army. The turtle neck shirt brands a digital camouflage pattern and built in elbow pads. It has flat stitching to reduce chafing, and is built to be anti microbial and odor resistant. Soldiers on the field were pounded with questions and the final result was and ACU that fitted the needs of every soldier. The left sleeve was adjusted with hooks and straps for a name tag, rank, and Infared Tag, and the right for a unit patc. The shirt is still under testing and is probably going to be avalable by late September.


Computer techs friom the PLA (Peopleas Liberation Army) hacked a non classified political aide network. The PLA have been able to hack Pentagon networks before as well as defence networks and those of government think tanks. The attacks have become more and more sophisticated and shows a growing skill. It has been reported that the US government networks may be tested over one hunderd times a day, and other countrys are also being probed. Recently Greman networks were hacked with spy programs. The Chinese goverment claims to be attempting to crack down on these hackers, and claims no responsibility.

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