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This is the USS Angel, a ship in Starfleet assigned to protect the federation from it's most deadly and relatively new enemies while forming alliances with old friends and old foes.

USS Angel History


The USS Angel was created by the crew of the now inactive USS Firebreather after it was effectively dead in the water. Some of the crew wanted to continue simming together with their group of characters so after a couple of months in the making the USS Angel was launched in June 2006.

The USS Angel is commanded by Force Colonel Emily Sullivan with Colonel Nicleson as her XO

USS Angel

The original USS Angel was a nebula class registered NCC 36872. This ship lasted for 3 missions before it was sacrificed by Sullivan to stop a borg advance into federation space.

USS Angel-A

The USS Angel-A is the ship still in service it is the last remaining Fusion class. it holds the same crew as the original USS Angel with the exception of one.

Useful stuff

Use the links below to get more detail on certain things to do with the USS Angel.

Crew members Missions Allies Enemies Specialised Equipment

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