The USS Destiny, registry number NCC-63081 is a Galaxy Class Federation Starship assigned to an exploratory mission throughout the Tkon Expanse.

Mission Information: Paths of Destiny


Mission I: The Awakening

Investigating a strange transmission from the Tkon Portal on Delphi Ardu IV, the USS Destiny encountered a perplexingly powerful and charismatic race calling themselves the Koshai.

USS Destiny Staff Roster

Command Crew

Rank Name Species & Gender Position
06-Capt-Red T'Lara Vulcan Female Commanding Officer
05-Cmdr-Red Christy Henshaw Human Female First Officer
04-LtCmdr-Red Sulak Vulcan Male Second Officer
03-Lt-Red Giles Glidden Human Male Operations Officer
03-Lt-Red Dana Tokarski Human Female Communications Officer
05-Cmdr-Blue Reittan Stadi Betazoid Male Chief Medical Officer
04-LtCmdr-Blue Tralla Vissian Female Chief Science Officer
03-Lt-Blue Nillan Tran Aenar/Andorian Female Chief Counseling Officer
03-Lt-Blue Cantra Slarm Denebian Female Chief Astrometrics Officer
02-LtJG-Blue Terence Walker Human Male Astrometrics Officer
02-LtJG-Blue Jacob Nicholls Human Male Science Officer
01-Ens-Blue Jessica Shen Human Female Nurse
04-LtCmdr-Gold William Wallace Raines Human Male Chief of Security
03-Lt-Gold Sito Laan Bejoran Male Security Officer
03-Lt-Gold Mirasta Yale Malcorian Female Chief Engineer
001-Crew3rd-Gold Granth Trantam Denebian Male Server, Ten Forward

Federation Starships
Section 31 RPG:

Inactive: USS Fearless
NPC: USS Intrepid

Literary Ship: USS Destiny

Starbase 118:
Current: USS Ronin
Future: USS Endeavour-A
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