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USS Endeavour-A       "We must strive to be more than what we are. It does not matter that we
will never reach our ultimate goal. The effort yields its own rewards."
-LtCmdr. Data

USS Endeavour
Galaxy Class

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Mission Information

USS Endeavour
The USS Endeavour (NCC-1895-A) is a Galaxy Class starship. Following the Gorn Conflict of 2383, Starfleet commissioned the USS Endeavour (NCC-1985-A), and assigned her to the Ithassa Region theater of operations under the jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets. Under the Command of Captain Geoffrey Macarius, she patrolled the Gorn-Federation border in the Ithassa Region as a constant reminder to the Gorn that the Federation is ever vigilant. The Endeavour routinely reports to Deep Space 17 for servicing and refit.

Federation Starships
Section 31 RPG:

Inactive: USS Fearless
NPC: USS Intrepid

Literary Ship: USS Destiny

Starbase 118:
Current: USS Ronin
Future: USS Endeavour-A
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