USS Fearless
Excelsior Class

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Motto: "We must strive to be more than what we are. It does not matter that we will never reach our ultimate goal. The effort yields its own rewards." -LtCmdr. Data

The USS Fearless (NCC-14598) is the mobile headquarters of Section 31, its Flagship if you will. The Fearless is an Excelsior class starship, refitted and manned by Section 31 personnel. On Stardate 61150.0 she was relaunched under the command of Captain Jackford B. Kolk for the first time in the service of The Section. Her mission is to patrol the Romulan Empire in order to identify new threats after the political chaos left by the death of Praetor Shinzon and to protect Federation interests at all cost.

Mission Information

Fearless Mission Patch

USS Fearless Mission Patch

According to Starfleet records, the USS Fearless is serving in the Typhon Sector theater of operations, reporting to Deep Space 4 for servicing and refit. Its actual mission is to patrol the inside of the Romulan Star Empire.

Current Mission

The Fearless is currently in orbit around T'Met IV and has launched a cloaked shuttle in an attempt to rescue Federation Ambassador Sokath Gishtan.

Federation Starships
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Inactive: USS Fearless
NPC: USS Intrepid

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Starbase 118:
Current: USS Ronin
Future: USS Endeavour-A
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