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USS Firebreather

A little back story

The USS Firebreather was founded as a PBeM RPG joint project on May 22nd 2004 Originally Richard was intended to take command with Matthew as his Executive Officer (XO). Unfortunately due to unforseen complications, Richard could not be named as Captain so the position fell to Matthew and he started the simm as Captain Andre Rantonia.

Matthew soon enlisted the help of the original XO Commander Bertus Hansman, portrayed by Bernhard Flokstra and the original CRO, Ensign O'Kot played by Daniel O'Brierley.

There is a full list of previous crew members here.

The Original Firebreather

The original USS Firebreather, NCC 38104 was an Akira class ship and lasted for 10 missions before being self-destructed by the captain. For all of this time Rantonia remained in charge.

The FB-A, A true Firebreather

The second ship was a Prometheus class and lasted for 16 missions, Capt. Rantonia was 'Killed' while this ship was in use and Col. Emily Sullivan took command.

Fusion, in more ways than one

The arrival of the Fusion class Firebreather-B marked the merger of the crews of the Firebreather and USS Holland. The Holland was decommissioned and the crew moved onto the FB. Emily Sullivan was the captain until the crew decided to play with fire. Messing with the prime directive is a big no no, but when they went back in time and saved the lifes of there former Captain, Emily decided to resign as captain and the position was handed back to Andre Rantonia.

FB-C, Steamrunner Class

Look to the future...

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