The USS Holland started of as an Sovereign Class ship, unther the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picardo, played by Bernhard Flokstra, and the XO Commander Seshala Lia Vesak, played by Miranthi Huwae.

One day, during an encounter with the Federation's newest enemy the Zaj, Capt. Picardo ordered the ebandon ship as the ship was about to blow up. Unfortuantly Captain Picardo and his daughter Marleen didn't make it. This fell hard on the crew.

Starfleet couldn't do without this gallant crew and ordered the launch of the USS Holland-A, an intrepid class. Captain Geraldine Partere took command. Partere was played by Bernhard Flokstra too.

Unfortuantly the USS Holland-A didn't last very long. After the ship had been boarded by an unknown alien called the Pfy'g all systems started to go crazy. Soon after that all power went down. The pfy'g were getting very violent.

The USS Firebreather-A came to rescue them. Unvortuantly when only Partere was left the Pfy'g raised the shields and the Firebreather was unable to get trough them, or lower them. Partere didn;t want to be killed by the Pfy'g so she ordered the auto destruct. Then she opened an fleetwide comchannel and played Amazing Grace as the ship blew up.

The crew of the Holland-A merged together with the crew of the Fibearther-A.

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