The USS Ronin (NCC-34523) is an Akira Class Federation Starship under the jurisdiction of Starbase 118.

Mission Information

The USS Ronin is assigned to the Ithassa Region under the jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets. She routinely reports to Deep Space 17 for repair and resupply.

USS Ronin Crew Roster

Active Crew

USS Ronin NCC-34523
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post
06-Capt-Red Captain Benjamin J. Walker Commanding Officer
04-LtCmdr-Red Lt. Commander Jackford B. Kolk First Officer
03-Lt-Red Lieutenant Thomas N. Gregory Chief Flight Controller
01-Ens-Red Ensign Syrrlys Flight Control Officer
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post
03-Lt-Gold Lieutenant Rho Falcon Chief Engineer
01-Ens-Gold Ensign Allison Fullerton Engineer
04-LtCmdr-Gold Lt. Commander Jackford B. Kolk Chief of Research & Development
03-Lt-Gold Lieutenant Keval Trolin Chief Tactical Officer
03-Lt-Gold Lieutenant Ann Readdy Security Chief
Health Sciences
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post
04-LtCmdr-Blue Lt. Commander Cara Maria Chief Counselor
02-LtJG-Blue Lieutenant J.G. Jackson Teller Acting Chief Medical Officer
Hard Sciences
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post
03-Lt-Teal Lieutenant Kevin Breeman Chief Science Officer
02-LtJG-Teal Lieutenant J.G. Jassa Lenari Science Officer

Federation Starships
Section 31 RPG:

Inactive: USS Fearless
NPC: USS Intrepid

Literary Ship: USS Destiny

Starbase 118:
Current: USS Ronin
Future: USS Endeavour-A
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