US Acres Breaks Loose is a toned-down, PG-rated US Acres spoof of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut starring the Garfield and Friends cast.


In Muncie, Indiana, Booker Chick, Wade Duck, Roy Rooster and Orson Pig are on their way to the local movie theater to see the new film 'MagiMon and the Mysterious Temple' which is based on their favorite cartoon series. The boys pretend using the attacks the MagiMon used, which causes many other children to get addicted into the franchise and eventurally see the movie.

The kids of Muncie Elementary School begin to mimic the MagiMon attacks in class, and Wade, Roy, Booker and Orson are sent to Plato Rooster's office, where he informs their parents. Learning that the violence was from the movie, the parents force the teachers to abandon their previous lesson plans and run a social skills class for the kids to get them to stop fighting. After rehab, the boys and some of their friends see the movie again. After Booker burns himself trying to mimic the attack that kills the main villian at the end of the film (Final Judgement), he is grounded and gets sent to jail, the parents of Muncie boycott the MagiMon franchise, and Mrs. Pig (Wade's mom) has the creators arrested.

As response to having the franchise banned in America, Japan strikes back and closes all factories of companies that made MagiMon products. Wade is implanted with a V-Chip by Dr. Vosknocker which will shock Cartman every time he uses profanity. Orson is trying to win back a sheep he likes, Lanolin, who is hanging out with a duck named Newton. After asking a police dog for advice, he tells him to find Lanolin's Seed of the Heart, which Orson does not understand. Mrs. Pig and President Barack Obama reveal on national news their plans to go to war with Canada in response to the closure of the factories that produce Magimon merchandise and to have the MagiMon creators executed at the restauraunt Modern Toilet. Meanwhile, Andy Mouse (one of the imates in Wanted: Wade) wants to break free, and if the blood of the 5 Japanese humans touch American soil, it will be time for him to rise up. Lucas Bulldog (the other inmate in Wanted: Wade) wants to come with him, but Andy is tired of being bossed around by Lucas. Booker tells Andy to break up with Lucas to which Andy initially agrees, but Lucas wins back Satan with a song. Booker haunts Roy as a ghost and tells him that the bulldog and mouse from Wade's jail dream are going to break out of jail and for Roy to warn everybody. The boys have a secret meeting to talk about how they can save the MagiMon franchise and its creators. They form 'Heroes of the Four Leaf Clover' and Netwon tells Orson to meet with a cat named Nermal to help them infiltrate the location of the restauraunt the MagiMon creators are going to be executed at.

Heroes of the Four Leaf Clover and Nermal go to the Modern Toilet restauraunt the MagiMon creators are having dinner at tonight after transforming into superheroes, but Nermal is kidnapped. It is up to everyone else to save the MagiMon creators and Roy's V-Chip malfunctions due to a power surge. The kids save the MagiMon creators, but the Japanese unexpectedly show up and a bloody battle ensues. Sheila shoots the 5 people behind Magimon, which results in a dark shadow leaving the world in darkness. The other people who the kids love get trapped in the dark cloud. Meanwhile, in the woods, Power Pig finds the missing heart seed of Lanolin's. He holds it up and finally gets Lanolin's love due to it's magic. This magic also causes the world to return back to normal and Lucas Bulldog to die. Orson is called a hero due to this act, the war has ended, the Japanese and Americans become friends again, and everything returns to normal.

Musical numbers

  • Acres of Dreams, US Acres (Adapted from the Japanese opening to the US Acres anime preformed by Lea Salonga, opening theme to the film)
  • You And Me and MagiMon (preformed by Flash Etsu and Mikachu Harukita)
  • It's Easy, Okay? (preformed by Plato Rooster and Muncie Elementary students)
  • Blame Japan (preformed by Company)
  • Banana Nose ~Super Mega Remixed Version~ (preformed by Roy and Muncie Elementary students)
  • Dream of the Heart (Roy, Wade and Orson)
  • The Melancholy Diaries (Andy Mouse)
  • Four Leaf Clover Power! (Heroes of the Four Leaf Clover, Nermal and Company)
  • My Wings (Adapted from the Japanese ending theme to the anime "Magical Doremi Dokkan" and preformed by Lea Salonga)
  • Our Destiny (Performed by Andy Mouse and Lucas Bulldog)
  • Peace at Last (Preformed by Company)
  • Keep Holding On (Lanolin, Orson, Wade, Roy and Booker, ending theme to the film)

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