A Ubean

The Ubeans are an amphibious race was native to the planet Ubea. Humanoid in stature, the average Ubean was distinguished by its sleek, hydrodynamic body. Their long fingers were tipped with poisonous, retractable claws, although many Ubean used these claws only as a last resort. They were the sole producers of kolto during the height of the Earth-Fen Domar War, and maintained very strict control over its production and export. They chose to remain neutral during the conflict, and tended to view themselves as superior to the rest of the galaxy. Other races regarded this as arrogance, but the Ubean refused to allow one side or the other to gain an advantage by controlling kolto. As an aquatic species, the Ubeans were very good swimmers. While their young needed water to survive, once they matured they were able to breathe air. They resembled anthropomorphic sting rays and had blue- or green-colored skin, which was patterned for underwater camouflage. Their mouths were bracketed by cephalic lobes that presumably directed plankton into their mouths. They tended to stroke these during conversation, analogous to the Human habit of stroking facial hair, such as mustaches. Their large, gullet-like throats may have contributed to the sloshing gurgling sounds of a Ubeans voice. In this case, a Ubeans throat may have been filled with water. All members of the Ubean race had retractable, venom-tipped claws. The use of these claws in any form of combat or attack was considered dishonorable and a sign of madness; to do this was to give in to animal instincts unbecoming of a sentient species.

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