• Thomas as Peter Pan (Both the main heroes)
  • Emily as Wendy Darling (Emily has a crush on Thomas, just like Wendy has a crush on Peter Pan)
  • Duck as John Darling (Both Western)
  • Percy as Michael Darling (Both small)
  • Lady as Tinker Bell (Both magical)
  • Gordon as George Darling (Both proud, but sometimes grumpy)
  • Mavis as Mary Darling (Both have the letter 'M')
  • James as Slighty (Both vain)
  • Harvey as Cubby (Both brown)
  • Donald and Douglas as The Twins (All twins)
  • Salty as Nibs (Nibs's voice suits Salty)
  • Billy as Tootles (Tootles's voice suits Billy)
  • Devious Diesel as Captain Hook (Both the main villains)
  • Dennis as Mr. Smee (Mr. Smee's voice suits Dennis)

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