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The Ubernoobs Platoon Statistics Database

Since Round 24
Please Note: Use the timestamp ~~~~~ for the update date if possible. If not, all times should be in GMT+0:00 on the 24 hour clock. UTC is GMT+0:00. Consult Intelligence→Acccount for your time settings

Round 28 Platoon Statistics

Message PL. Place update date in the comments column. ALWAYS HAVE A NETWORTH VALUE IN EVERY SLOT. Our combined platoon networth is 0 (in the hundred millions) which places us at roughly rank 0.
Player Position Networth Additional Information
Calvin275 Platoon Leader


(Ten Millions)
Wiki Concept Design 0 Reserved For Shredwolf


Wiki Maintenance 0

Nobody... yet!


Nobody... yet!


Nobody... yet!

0 Reserved for Oogroo

Nobody... yet!


Nobody... yet!


Nobody... yet!


Round 28 Platoon Invitations (as of ERROR: NULL )

Player Name Status

Other Infomation

Platoon Stats are updated periodically

For stats on other players, please PM Turiski with all known information, or update the table yourself. If you try and cannot format correctly, either contact Turiski with the problem or revert and send the stats!

Any comments or questions for the Wiki are to be directed at Turiski, and for the platoon at large to Calvin275. Note: Calvin is often unavailable during weekends, and in general no new requests will be handled at that time.

Round 28 Player Statistics

When the platoon is a number, that means this person is not platooned, so don't try and press it. Remember to factor in [Retal offense = 1.3 * Normal offense] if necessary. Next to the offense or defense score, please place the update date.
Player Offense Defense

Siren Since Round 25

Ar3s Since Round 25

Ghettobuster Since Round 25

16wildcat Since Round 25

nemo78 Since Round 25

PriSCo Since Round 25

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